Tough Another World Reincarnation


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Born as a child of a serf in a world where magic and monsters exist – Reurus had memories of a previous life lived in modern Japan.

However, knowledge of previous lives is almost useless in a world where common sense and environment are different from those in previous life.

Poor housing, hard work, unsatisfactory food.

Nevertheless, relying on the experience of his previous life to survive, Reurus turned fifteen, came to adulthood, and was sold into s*avery.

However, while being transported to the mine as a s*ave, Reurus is attacked by a monster and narrowly manages to escape.

He has no family or friends to rely on, no home to live in, no food to eat, and no money. Still, Reurus was able to find freedom and take his first steps in a new world.

Reurus arrived at a town run by people in circumstances not much different from his own – Laval Abandoned Town.

In the city, which can only seem like a slum to Reurus, who has memories of his previous life, Reurus begins his life as an adventurer.

All Reurus wishes is to just live.

In order to live out his second life, he began a life in a strange and painful world.

Associated Names
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Sechigara Isekai Tenseiki
Starvation and Reincarnation
餓死転生 ~奴隷少年は魔物を喰らって覚醒す!~
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Fluffums rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: c4
What can I say... I couldn't even get through half of the description when actually reading the story. Too much focus on tragedy for tragedy's sake, and not a single ounce of effort made by the main character in the first fifteen years of his life. He just kept his head down and accepted everything that happened to him without even once making an attempt to change his situation. He just made excuse after excuse to the reader. And none of the excuses made sense.

... more>>

He alone was ostracized from the rest of the village because his parents were ostracized because ??? He never showed any interest in why they kept treating him like sh*t after his parents died. He kept saying that the villagers and village chief kept him under surveillance 24/7 so he had no chance (in over a decade) to do anything but his assigned work. This is maybe three paragraphs after he said he was sent alone to the river far away to fetch water since he was 4.

Oh, and he also said that he was able to slack off so he wouldn't get more work. So he didn't get caught slacking even though he had no chances to try to improve himself. Okay.

The first action he takes in the 15 years of his life "on his own initiative" is to run from a monster, which the author seems to want to make you think he's being courageous in escaping from his future as a s*ave, but... he's just running away from a monster that's about to eat him.


I can only imagine the author wants to make the main character look bad at the start in order to give him lots of room to improve, but I find the setup extremely implausible for someone who was a working adult in his past life, or rather, an adult who would act that way in that situation for such a long time is supremely uninteresting and I suspect the only way he'll get a harem is if equally unrealistic situations occur in the future.

tl;dr if you love it when there's more monologue about what the protagonist's not doing than any kind of description of him doing anything, this story is for you! <<less
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January 2, 2021
Status: c4
Pretty interesting start, it's always nice to see a 'struggle to survive' isekai, like Grimgar. The pointed commentary to the ridiculousness of most isekai where the protag easily introduces new technology is pretty on-point too. Looking forward to where it goes!
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