To You, In Mourning


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* This work has topics such as su*cide and domestic abuse, so please take that into consideration.

After saving a child from a car accident and dying, Kim Doyoon wakes up in the body of ‘Ye Doyoon’, the illegimitate son of a corporation’s chairman. The only thing the two with similar names had in common was their university and ‘Han Gyul,’ a close underclassman. Doyoon approaches Han Gyul with a glimmer of hope, but he’s far too different from the cute underclassman in his memories.

“I don’t care if you want something from me or if you’re just planning something dumb, but…. Don’t use Doyoon-hyung for that. I’ll kill you.”

Gyul, I’m Doyoon….

‘Doyoon-hyung, have you had lunch yet?’
‘Hyung, you need a bit more care than you seem.’
‘Hyung, I wish you wouldn’t meet people who don’t give you the respect you deserve.’

The polite, caring voice of his underclassman felt like a faraway dream. Doyoon let out a huff as he stared at Gyul’s back after he had said his piece.

“You, you were acting this whole time…….”

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애도하는 너에게
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