To Hell with Being a Saint, I’m a Doctor


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Yuseong, a genius doctor who made a name for himself in the medical community, considered the operating room his home. One day, he died in a traffic accident, and when he regained consciousness, he found himself in another world.

But… Saint… Holy Kingdom… Healing magic?

“I worked so hard to learn medicine, and now you’re telling me I can just touch someone and they’re healed? Oh, I’m going to lose my mind.”

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성자는 개뿔, 현대의학의 힘이다
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4 Reviews

Dec 14, 2023
Status: c127
At times, this novel is a fun and enjoyable read, but it comes with enough problems that it becomes hard to overlook as you normally might. It has the makings of a typical "starts strong but loses its way" Korean novel.

Overall, it's fine for what it is. Worse stuff out there - better stuff out there.

100+ chapters in, this novel has a hard time deciding what it wants to be. It tries to be everything, but that leads to it failing to find a core of the story that sets... more>> it apart. The "Doctor" part of the story seems to have become an afterthought, and that gets explicitly mentioned by the author.

Unfortunately this seems to lead to a good amount of pretty obvious plot holes. They feel like they happened because the author didn't have a good idea of who the villains are, what he originally wanted them to be, or even how the story was going to play out.

Lots of "they are so beautiful, " "he could do this because he was the genius of the century, " "everyone in the room was in awe of him, " etc., etc. Happens a lot, gets repeated very often - you know the type.

Lastly, while I'm thankful for the translation, it has some very noticeable mistakes. Specifically, he/she pronouns and names get mixed up so often that there was a solid 10-20 chapter period where you can't tell who is speaking without making a bit of a guess. This seems to get better as more chapters come out, but still pops up now and again. <<less
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Nov 22, 2023
Status: c35
The elves are constantly described as beautiful. It gets annoying. All the characters seem to simp for each other non-stop.

The MC looks like he'd sneak into someone's home at night to save them if he thought they had had a heart attack.

It feels as though this novel can not decide if it wants drama or slice of life. It told in 35 chapters what other novels would tell in 10, the time waste ratio is unbelievable.

Overall, I don't see the appeal.
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Nov 19, 2023
Status: c160
This is awesome!!!!

The ML is legit OP wherein the problem gets solved when he's involved but there's just too many problems popping up and there's only one 'him'.

I hope to read more of this in the future.
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Apr 09, 2024
Status: c250
Good for passing a few hours.

That's what I did, at least.

Slightly less than half the chapters I've "read" might as not well be there, as they're author trying himself in writing different genres and not really failing, just not being good at them.

... more>> I will use word "arc" a lot because this novel doesn't read seamlessly. You can feel the beginning and the end of each arc quite easily without even looking at chapter names.

For example, the entire empire arc, which i'd assume was authors take on courtly intrigues, spanned a few dozen chapters (including its own goddamn tournament arc) had around zero impact on character growth and plot, except around 1 chapter near the end, which can be read independently of the arc.

The medicine and doctor theme is not abandoned, per se, as another review claims, it's just forgotten and pops up every 70 or so chapters with it's own mini-arc, which are admittedly shorter each time.

Kindgom building was tried for a few chapters out of nowhere, really, then author seemingly understood it's not for him and we never heard about that anymore.

Fights are the most generic, bland type of "OP MC struggles against enemy, remembers he's OP, wins" on a span of few chapters.

Romance is mostly unenjoyable and uninspired. The first love interest is also the most interesting one, the next ones exist on a level of japanese shounen. They're there, but will never be acted upon, despite author forcing these literally cardboard characters upon you.

Academy arc is there for like 7 full chapters randomly placed around, with major, 15-30 chapter events always interrupting it. After this circus, it ends in MC leaving his medical academy he has strived to build in the hands of a villain lich dude he has literally seen 2 times, textbook on all the modern medicine, chemistry, biology and atomic theory he has written in 2 days, and a dude with a sword.

As far as am aware, those are all somewhat "major" arcs in this novel, and they all suck. There are also minor ones, they sometimes suck kinda less, like medicine ones.

Also translator regularly mixes up names and pronouns, so you have to guess whether Aira decided to randomly pop up in an absolutely unrelated arc or translator f*cked up. <<less
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