To Avoid the Fate of Death, Future Grand Duke, Please Marry Me!


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Elucia, the daughter of the “Shield Clan,” dreamed of being killed by Klaus, the Grand Duke of the “Sword Clan,” alongside her useless scumbag husband.

She possesses the power of precognitive dreams, allowing her to see the future.

Now that she knows what’s going to happen, there’s no way she’ll marry her scumbag husband or tolerate bullying from her stepmother and stepbrother.

There’s only one way to survive: marrying Klaus, the future head of the Sword Clan, which is in rivalry with the Shield Clan.

With determination, Elucia asks Klaus to marry her, intending to defy her fate of death and find happiness.

A story of the tumultuous struggle of a young lady on the edge of a cliff!

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Grand Duke, Please Marry Me!
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Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wo Iyaiya Metoru (1)
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