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No single thing abides, but all things flow.

One’s life passes as quickly as a white steed gallops past a slight crack—in a mere instant.

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Thiên Địa Bạch Câu
Time Goes By and Love Never Disappears
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6 Reviews

Jul 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Translator's synopsis: After his grandfather's passing, Zhou Luoyang moves himself and his younger brother to Wan City to start a new chapter of their lives. Unfortunately, he's inherited his grandfather's debts, and on top of that, he is now the sole, unemployed guardian of his handicapped brother. While searching for funding to reopen his grandfather's antique shop, he runs into a familiar face, one he hasn't seen in years. After all this time, Zhou Luoyang and Du Jing's circumstances are now both very different, but Du Jing's condition, as well as the bond between them, are still as starkly present as ever.

Soon, Zhou Luoyang discovers that Du Jing is involved in a dangerous line of work, and with the help of a strange, old watch left behind in his grandfather's warehouse, they toe the treacherous line between Asia's criminal underbelly and its law enforcement, juggle the weight of mental illness, and learn that it's okay to love each other—across the past, present, and future.

This novel is full of so many subtle details, but at the same time it's extremely bold. It definitely explores some heavy topics, so it's suitable for a more mature audience—but the angst and suspense are always perfectly balanced with humor and fluff. And as always, Feitian does a fantastic job of portraying vividly human characters and... more>> complex relationships, and I personally thought he did a great job of representing mental illness as well.

(Du Jing, one of the main characters, has bipolar disorder.)

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this novel, and I wish it were longer! Also, some of the Seizing Dreams cast make reappearances/cameos, and it was a joy to see them again! <<less
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Mar 21, 2022
Status: Completed
★★★★☆ [4/5 stars]

I actually liked this novel a lot, since it has a time travel element to it that I loved so much. But I decided to just rate it 4 stars. Why? Because I've read the MTL version and I think I've missed a lot of things in the story. I actually felt like if I can read a good translation of this novel, I would have loved it more than I did and rated it higher. Because this is really great! I would definitely read this again if... more>> the English translation is completed and already available again.

Just trigger warning for mental disorder, disability, su*cide thoughts, self mutilation, death, etc. I don't know how accurate the representation of bipolar disorder was but it was actually distressing to read how painful it is for a person to experience it. Just like to remind the triggering topics for those who plan to read this. But I really recommend this novel! <<less
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Dec 18, 2021
Status: c42
I really love the ML and how he kept sleeping outside mc’s house without letting him know- it truly pulled my heartstrings ah.

I love their interaction and their thoughtful considerations for each other.
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Nov 30, 2021
Status: c42
Current rating: 4.3 (may update if I read MTL or when translation is finished)

The story has Fei Tian's typical CP dynamic with banter between a witty ML and MC, but the story has an interesting focus on mental illness and also uh... spy work and a bit of time travel.

The MC was originally part of a well-off family until an accident killed his father and left his half-brother crippled. The story begins with him trying to find a way to reopen his Grandfather's antique shop and pay off debt,... more>> while also taking care of this brother. He's hardworking and fairly smart, but life has left him haggard. The ML used to be very close to the MC, but had run off after a conflict in the past and only reappears after 3 years of being MIA. He is a genius but has bipolar disorder, which interferes with his day-to-day life to a crippling degree.

The way the ML and MC depend on each other and interact is comedic at times and extremely heartwarming at others. There are frequent flashbacks to their school timeline, which will eventually explain why the ML disappeared for 3 years.

In regards to the ML having bipolar disorder:

To be frank, I am really drawn in on the aspect of the ML having bipolar disorder. I myself have depression and I find it somewhat annoying that in the majority of stories I have read, even if the MC does have some kind of mental issue, it is usually 'resolved' at some point and pushed to the background. And if it's not resolved, usually it's because that character is literally being mentally or physically tormented by another person or life circumstances and thus is depressed (which is called situational depression). Some BL stories will write about characters that are hyper possessive (yes I'm talking about all those "yanderes" among others) and never mention a single defining term like 'anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia', probably because the author doesn't want to have to research a specific disorder or accidentally offend anyone. It's true that I could just read a textbook about mental disorders if I wanted a realistic interpretation, but I find it way more interesting if I can read a story that intertwines these complex topics into a larger plot. Anyway, this is all pretty tangential. What I want to say is that in this novel the author has gone to lengths to not make the ML's disorder more than some kind of side gimmick.


The novel highlights that sometimes these issues don't go away, and to involve yourself with such a person can take a lifetime of patience and devotion. Still, the ML is very charming in his own way, and the MC sees that in him. Even though it can be hard to cope, he never abandons the ML. And at the beginning of the story, while everyone else has turned their back on the MC and his debt, the ML was the only one who was unconditionally willing to help him. And yeah it's a bit cheesy that the ML can suddenly sleep well at long as he lays next to the MC, but what the heck, the story is still taking bipolar disorder more seriously than all the other BLs with yandere MLs that say they love the MC but then flip out when the MC so much as glances at another human being.

To add to the excitement, the MC and ML also get involved in some criminal investigations. It seems like there is a bigger mystery involving the MC's family that will be unraveled by the end.

The one thing I don't really care for is the time travel aspect. Having the mystery/criminal investigation on top of the ML's disorder is already enough to keep the story exciting, and adding the time travel aspect makes the plot unnecessarily convoluted at times. Instead of repeating the same day and writing about the time travel, the author could have extended side character interactions and slowed down the pacing of the arcs.

Despite that, I am still hooked and looking forward to the rest of the novel. Thank you translator, you are doing a wonderful job! <<less
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Nov 09, 2022
Status: Completed
I adore this novel so so so much. I loved ZLY and DJ's dynamic, I loved their shared history. I feel that Du Jing's illness was explained and conveyed very realistically. The plot was beautifully thought through and the characters were written amazingly well. After the translations stopped, I switched over to read the MTL version which wasn't too hard to read surprisingly. I hope that this gets picked up again because it's such a great novel. The MTL really does it no justice and I would definitely reread this... more>> if it gets fully translated. <<less
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Dec 24, 2023
Status: Completed
ohh my, what another great novel, I think the ending is very clear to me yet it has another meaning for reader to judge the alternate ending and continuation

MC and ML belong to each other it has similarities with Seizing Dreams although this story has shortcomings despite its short chapters and characters lacking it's still worth to try

Huang Ting on this story play little role while the MC and ML of Seizing Dreams barely mentioned twice only the characteristic and not the name, it makes me feel reminiscent for a... more>> little while

oh well the description is lacking I tell you the spoiler, it's has supernatural power "time travel" the idea is more interesting but the content novel Seizing Dreams is much more better

i rate 5 stars but I don't know why its not coming out <<less
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