Three Eight


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※ This book contains coercive relationships and violent scenes. Please be aware before proceeding.

※ The names, locations, and characters mentioned in this book are entirely fictional.

The calculation method of gamblers is truly peculiar.

They lend money at exorbitant interest rates to those who haven’t even spent any money as collateral.

For 15 years, Hongju has been collecting debts from housemates while being tied to collateral.

One day, a man appears, claiming he will invest in the house.

A rich fool, a money tree.

The housemates called him Mookyung.

“As long as you do as I say, I’ll help you.”

Mookyung makes a suspicious proposal, offering to repay the debts in exchange for house information.

Why would he make such a proposal to a debtor who is already struggling?

Still, there is suspicion about him…

“Do you think I’m a swindler right now?”


“You shouldn’t. It’s all too obvious. Swindlers can tell just by looking.”

Hongju has no choice but to accept that proposal.

Growing up on scraps, he knows exactly where to stretch his legs.

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