This Girl Forced to Become an Entertainment Company Boss


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“The whole story is set in an ideal world for fans chasing stars.”

“The main storyline is about a company’s growth and expansion through idol group management.”

“The protagonist of this story is only the female lead, **while the supporting roles’ storylines all serve the protagonist’s growth.**”

Jiang Juyou, who graduated from a second-tier university, was on the verge of giving up after having a breakdown from her internship. Suddenly she saw a job posting:

“Looking for interns, 9 to 5, weekends off, social insurances and housing fund provided after being converted to formal employee, internship certificate provided, monthly intern salary 8500, food and housing included, formal salary negotiable, requirement: strong stress resistance.”

It’s a perfect trap for college students.

Worried that it might be a scam but still went anyway. After arriving, she –


“Welcome to the Entertainment Company Operations Manual!”

Got bound to a system.

“What the hell?”

Bound to the system, Jiang Juyou was forced to become an entertainment company boss, and so she became someone she hated but also wanted to be – the rich.

[I’m crying but I’m pretending I’m not.jpg]

Jiang Juyou’s company became a wind vane in the entertainment industry:

She introduced a new talent show format, and those shows followed suit.

She created new conceptual peripherals, and those companies followed suit.

She operated a new model boy group, and those companies also follo…can’t copy, because Jiang Juyou spent too much money.

The fan community shook daily, but Jiang Juyou dodged a bullet.


“To the company: Made the petty Entertainment die. To Jiang Juyou: [wry smile] I’ll let you off this time.”

“Lol, Jiang Juyou got lightly let off because she’s too pretty!”

“Can scold the company but don’t scold Jiang Juyou!”

“Every time I see Jiang Juyou training trainees, I think why isn’t she training me (sorry)”

After Random Entertainment became the hottest company in the industry, Jiang Juyou was isolated by capital.

Capital didn’t play with her, so she became capital herself, becoming the main seat at the table, becoming the one everyone had to suck up to –

[Background setting: Jiang Juyou time traveled, lost her memories due to the impact of space-time, but her subconscious would drive her actions.] [The male lead is the background board system]
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Vanilla Panda
Vanilla Panda rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: c19
Fun, tedious, comedic daily grinding of building company from scratch. Game-like management with system! Unlock features, solve tasks, level up and repeat.

Our dirt poor MC racking her brain to make money, get in debt to pay new debt while paying old debt. Scam or not, she has nothing to lose. Hardest internship ever, at least she is a boss. A generous capitalist at that ;)
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