There’s Something About This Supporting Male Lead


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As a supporting male character, he must be the stepping stone on the road to happiness for the male and female leads. In the moments of the female lead’s despair, he becomes cannon fodder, offering money and warmth; when the male lead faces difficulties, he transforms into a good friend, benefactor, and matchmaker, providing countless assistance to turn the tide for the male lead.

Once he completes his mission as the second male lead, he gloriously “retires”.

Retirement methods include accidents, paralysis, a lifetime of loneliness, and even sacrificing his entire fortune for the male and female leads… and so on.

Su Lin received the plot and was ecstatic, thinking he had become a winner in life. But upon seeing his dead-end fate, he simply threw the script away…

Following the plot was out of the question. He decided to distance himself from the male and female leads. Isn’t prosperity and strength of the nation more appealing?!

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There’s Something About This Second Male Lead [Quick Wear]
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Itsarys rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: --
There's no romance story, MC stay single most time, except some world where he working together with other missionary so he married with her.

All in all it is good story.
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