There’s No Such Thing as Naughty Precious Children in the World


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〈 Acquired the skill “Precious Child Status Notification”!
You can now more accurately assess the condition of the child in need of your help. 〉

* * *

Edith Irene Brussels had a secret… the fact that she had experienced possession.

One day, she suddenly became Edith. Not only that, but it was in a completely different era, in a strange country she had never heard of before! Moreover, with strange abilities that others couldn’t see.

To return home, Edith chose a contract marriage with the genius wizard Duke.

“Will you marry me?”
“Yes! I’d love to!”


“What’s going on? Does she really think she’s becoming the Mistress of a Duchy?”
“It’s Brussels. Has anyone heard of that family?”

Nobles ostracize those from fallen families.

“That’s even better!”

Thinking positively and walking alone, she constantly encountered troubled children behind the scenes of the social circle.

〈 Stress: 130/100 [ !! Danger !! ] 〉

[ Appropriate action is needed for the precious child. ]

“Viscountess, could you please hold the child’s hand?”

Unable to just stand by, she stepped forward and became known as a ‘problem solver’ in no time.

“Duchess, I’d like to meet separately next week.”
“Me too. Would you be able to come to our mansion?”

She was ranked first in the invitation list, despite being ostracized in high society.

* * *

Barely adapting to the changed atmosphere, now her husband is acting strange.

“Do people usually like that sort of thing?”
“I guess not?”
“In that case, what I like is you.”

Oh my God, who on earth confesses like that?!

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세상에 나쁜 금쪽이는 없다
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