The Young Master Is Fierce


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Fortunately, I crossed over, born into a landlord’s family. In this life, I lack nothing in terms of food and clothing, but I don’t want to just drift along aimlessly. So Fu Xiaoguan casually did some things, not expecting the impact to be so enormous. The emperor wants to grant him a high official position, the princess wants to marry him as her husband, the daughter of the minister of the Ministry of Revenue won’t marry anyone else, the savages want his head, the barbarians want his life, the Fan Kingdom wants his money… But Fu Xiaoguan just wants to be a big landlord!

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02/29/24 Jodex’s translation c4
02/27/24 Jodex’s translation c3
02/25/24 Jodex’s translation c2
02/24/24 Jodex’s translation c1
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