The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With The Ending


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[You didn’t make it all the way to the ending] Possessing a dating simulation game,

Serdel, whose fiancee had an affair, felt the bitter of ending failure.

Reset to the original starting point,

She swears she’ll never live the way she used to.

First of all, let’s start everything with dealing with this man!

“Young lady, let’s break up. I will deliver the letter of cancellation of engagement to your family as soon as possible.”

“Why do you only say what you want to say and leave out the most important thing? You have to return what you received in advance as compensation.”

Don’t be sloppy!

Let go of a stock that has gone bankrupt without any regrets

At some point in her life, the male character becomes obsessed with her!

“The Lady saved me and my sibling. Please keep me by your side.”

In addition, the man who died in the original book,

But who was saved by her to live a new life, only look at her.

Indeed, Serdel succeeded in completing the ending safely.

Can I get out of the game?

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파혼한 영애는 엔딩외엔 집착하지 않는다
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New Gengarde rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: c8
An interesting novel idea, somewhat blunted by the breaking up of the chapters leading to a little bit of a drag. The translation is a little hard to interpret at times, possibly due to the original text being vague or repeating? Although it might just be a fondness of the translator to use this kind of language.
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New chromaQ rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c9
I'm giving this a 5-star rating for now, as of chapter 9 - I normally don't leave reviews so early in a story, but as this novel doesn't have any reviews yet, so I wanted to leave a positive review. So far, it's kind of heartbreaking. Our main character, Serdel, has been abandoned by her fiancé and deeply neglected by her family.

But there are two things that set this story apart from other similar stories: first is that she actually speaks up - calling her family out on their neglect,... more>> and her former beau on his selfishness. It takes so much more strength to tell someone that they've hurt you, than to just turn your back to them or hurt them in the same way they hurt you.

Second, her family isn't beyond redemption. After being called out by Serdel multiple times, they are starting to reflect on the damage they did to Serdel with their neglect and coldness:


I definitely teared up with her brother's devastated reaction to Serdel's collapse. I haven't seen much out of her father yet, but her two siblings are definitely reflecting, and I love that. Serdel's oldest sibling, her sister is also deeply pained by the pain of her sister Serdel.

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