The Years I Acted as a Life Coach in the Supernatural World


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As a craftsman and a skilled ghostcatcher, Mi Tuan was often troubled. One day, he sighed while lamenting to the cat he had picked up, “The life of a human being is really too difficult. Not only do we have to deal with scoundrels, but we also have to deal with evil spirits, full of hardships and crises.”

The cat, who had seen him rush to the front to play with the ghosts, couldn’t help but express a sincere question, “???”

Who on earth made the female ghost who abused children stand under the sun and read parenting books loudly?

And who forced the ghost of the high school student who committed school violence off the roof, only to have it dance on tall buildings continuously?

And who gathered the female ghost, the naughty child, and the abusive male ghost together and told them to form a family?

The ghosts: “Stop talking; being a ghost is just too hard. QAQ”

One sentence introduction: An infinite player returns to the supernatural world after successfully completing the game.

Theme: Good and evil will eventually be rewarded.

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