The Words of the Number One


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Jiang Jiuqing is the princess of a vanquished nation. No one knows her extreme cleverness hidden under her ordinary skin——she also doesn’t want others to know either. Staying out of things is her manner towards handling affairs, and wanting nothing is the norm in her life. However she has a white moonlight. After not seeing him for many years, he has now completely blackened, causing trouble everywhere——The world’s number one lobbyist, the peerless and magnificent Young Master Ji Yu.

Jiang Jiuqing had always thought that the reason why her white moonlight is a white moonlight is because he has forgotten about her, and will never belong to her. He is her master, and she assists him in lobbying the world. They are just allies, a symbiosis relationship, mutually using each other.

A long, long time later, Ji Yu said——

“This world is frantic and absurd. Malicious people die an ugly death, and the merciless people are sought after. I was never reluctant to leave until I met you.”

There are thousands of people in the world, and thousands of beauties, yet it is only you who can disturb my heart.

Are you ready to fall in love with the smartest and most cold-hearted people in the world?

The calm and cool-headed princess of a vanquished nation x the ruthless and revengeful number one lobbyist.

Male and female leads are both very strong, white cuts black.

“White cuts black” = someone who looks very gentle on the outside, but in fact, is actually very ruthless and two-faced

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December 28, 2022
Status: --
Hello, I am the translator for this novel! This novel is not too long and I finished reading it in like 2-3 days cause I was so hooked on it, and there are definitely not enough chapters! If you want to know a little more about the characters and storyline, you can check below in the spoilers!

... more>>

First off, this novel is written from a first-person point of view! This was my first time reading a novel that is in first-person point of view and I didn't think I was going to like it, but surprisingly I was hooked on this storyline. It tells it from the female lead's perspective, and I guess it is easier to put yourself in her shoes even though I think she's way too smart for me.

The female lead is our Jiang Jiuqing (also called JiuJiu), and she is very intelligent, and quite aloof. She's just very wary of the people around her and doesn't trust people easily, but this has to do with her past. This novel is also a little bit angsty, but it has a good amount where it makes the story more interesting, and it isn't like a classic xianxia type of angst where it feels like a tragic love story or anything like that. Both leads have a sad past and that's kind of why they are not really considered very like good or heroic people, especially the male lead. Speaking of the male lead, his name is Ji Yu, and he is the type of person who looks very trustworthy and kind hearted on the outside, but is actually the complete opposite on the inside. However, you understand why he's not like a super good person, and honestly if he wasn't the way he became, I would look down on him. I personally really like both of the leads as they are quite realistic, and have their own struggles that people don't see. Apart from that, there is a second male lead who appears for a bit, and I actually really like him so I do feel bad for him in the end.

For the actual plot of this story, the female lead becomes the male lead's maid, in the sense that she is more like a helper/assistant because she is very smart, but they are very wary of each other because they both have a smart brain so I guess they don't just see the simple side of people. To sum it up, it is a story about the female lead followed by the male lead's side on his way to revenge! They also are the type to look at each other, and know what the other person is thinking so in conclusion, they are just made for each other lol! So yes it has a romance and revenge storyline! Btw the actual romance starts like half way from both of the leads. It is also a happy ending!

Quote from the book:

"She doesn't have to save him,

He is willing to leave his troubles behind in order to love her."

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haruhi91 rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Jiang Jiuqing has already experienced much difficulties in her life but she faces the present with a rational and mature mindset, something rare in chinese novel land. She adapts well, falling from a Princess position to a maid without looking with much regret or desire for revenge for her lost noble status. Kingdoms rise while another kingdom fall but life goes on. When she is poisoned by the ML and forced to become his maid to obtain a regular antidote, she receives the blow with calm, accepting the situation and... more>> almost considering a blessing in disguise for the alternative would be a risky life on the road on her own.

What I most like in this novel it's the ambigous relationship between the ML and the MC. The ML is an astute, smart man who hides under his gentleman-like facade, a rooted and ruthless search for revenge. Every step is well planned, including obtaining the MC a maid as she would be useful in one of his plan. He is gentle and considerate towards his subordinates creating an illusion of affection. Jiang Jiuqing immediately sees through his demeanor remaining obedient, accepting his praises or false care for what it is: a shallow attempt to gain her trust or to use her if the situation calls for it. The MC is always very frank saying plainly things the ML doesn't like to hear. One of my favorite moment is when she clearly expose the ML's false behaviour towards her:


"You have a lot of cats, but you don't like cats, you just like the feeling of holding them in the palm of your hand, and you like them to be at your mercy. This time, a cold and unfriendly cat arrived. You were surprised and curious, so you wanted to know her feelings to better control her. I believe you do this because you want to see me happy, sad or angry, but it's only because you think I'm a thing, an interesting thing you don't understand. You hold my life in your hands, you are my owner, that's enough. I don't want anything else you can give."


At some point the ML's feelings start shifting from curiosity to a more personal involvement and it's interesting guessing when exactly happens.

What unfortunately I don't like and prevent me from giving a full score is the white moonlight trope. I know, I should have expected as it is written in the novel summary but I don't like how it was handled by the author, I just couldn't buy it when reading.


At seven years old, the MC met the ML for the first time. For the following three days, he was very kind with her. This memory of him stayed in the MC's mind for 14 years making her fall in love with him. I understand this is a precious memory for a neglected child who received kindness almost for the first time in her life but I can't believe how this feeling of gratitude transformed into a love so deep and unwavering. It feels like the 21-years old MC loves the present ML not for his current personality but for that perfect memory. If the ML wasn't that teenager who was kind to her that day, she wouldn't have fallen in love with him today

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Belly Button
Belly Button rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: c33
I like the novel insofar (Chapter 33). It tells of two persons with scarred past which turns them into cold and unfeeling adults. A way of protecting themselves due to past disappointments and tragedies. ML made FL his maid by indirecting threatening her (with poison) so from the start, in FL's opinion, theirs is a relationship of mutual practical gain and loss. As the story progresses, one learns more about the ML and FL's past and the result of their current demeanour. We also learnt, that the FL likes the... more>> FL in the past (when young) but FL thought ML has forgotten about her and regard her only as a useful object hence FL convinced herself not to fall in love with ML and that someday they will part. I think insofar, the ML genuinely likes the FL but the FL is not convinced because she has seen too many tragedies. I think they will both eventually come to realise that you need to take risk in order to feel genuine happiness and let go of the past. This story is like a monologue from the FL's perspective. I like this story as it makes you try to understand the FL's demeanour and perhaps how she could move on without feeling lonely someday. <<less
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December 17, 2023
Status: Completed
THIS IS A GEM, the book I've been looking for. Why did I just find it now😭 I'm grateful I found this.. I finished reading this in 2 days, it's a beautiful novel

every chapter makes me curious, FL and ML are very smart, but that's what makes them suspicious of each other, I like how the author makes this novel not boring.
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