The Way To Conquer A Different World As A Reincarnated Porter


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Seiichi Takeda who yearned for a free life was given a chance to reincarnate into a different world. Since he has little trust in others (no, he is not an edgy MC. He is normal), he chose the lowly job (seen in high society, aka the aristocracy) of a porter, the only job that has a storage skill (there are magical bags, tho). 

This is the story of a man conquering a different world with his low amount of mana by utilizing things like skills, equipment, and drugs.

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Reincarnated Carrier's Strategy for Different World
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Eisvarith Devirea
Eisvarith Devirea rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: v6c144
This series is amazing.

The character progression, the story, depth, relationship, cruel depiction, even the world-building, and well.... the R-18 stuff just speaks to the essence and quality the author brings to this novel.

It tells the story of an average, plain MC who doesn't really want anything; he just follows what he wants to do, things that he plans to do, and sometimes his dreams. It's mostly a slice of life of your normal average adventurer, but with him being a porter. He does stuff mostly solo, but he won't mind... more>> a bit of company, such as hiring s*aves. and s*aves in this world are more or less non-existent if we put it in your standard Isekai tensei novel. What I mean is that there are no such things as a collar s*ave or s*ave magical contract. Although the world has such game elements, it didn't affect the world's denizens that much; at least when I read this all the way till the latest chapter, there was no depiction that certain jobs were so persecuted. The synopsis might say "the lowly porter" but even porters are not that lowly; they have the backing of Porter Unions. They are weak, yes, but that's just your normal porter, not the MC. So there are no persecutions whatsoever, except in the aristocracy and wealthy merchants, and the story doesn't tell that much for it to matter.

What I want to tell you next is about world building. There isn't much to say. So I'm going just short with this. The author—this guy is good. He develops such a story that doesn't feel out of balance—not that boring, but absolutely stunning and full of enjoyment. It's the kind of series where no such aspect of the game elements stood out so much that it tickled your brain and annoyed the living sh*t out of you. No one is OP, is what I would like to say, but heroes exist, and as of the latest chapter, it hasn't been told yet how strong they are, but the author is so good with this novel world development, and there are no mentions of unreasonable power existed in the story, so there you go.

There wasn't much to be told about the characters; they are.... I guess you could say fun? charming? warming? In any case, they are normal and make sense. You wouldn't feel they were out of place. The author doesn't do any of that Japanese bullsh*ttery, so everything just feels kind of natural when you are reading them.

R-18, I advise you to ignore the 'R-18' in some later chapters at the beginning of volume 1 and also in a lot of chapters. I kind of get why this is put into the R-18 category, but the s*x scene is just a pure waste of time (especially some later chapters at the beginning of volume 1), well, most of the time. So I just skip those things and read only for the story. I mean it; it's not sarcasm, and I'm being serious about it. Although it's R-18, it doesn't feel like that most of the time. Well, those s*x scenes are enjoyable, no doubt about it. It's not like other series with their ridiculous story-telling of it. When reading them, it's like I'm reading a doujin or something, so I don't have to turn my brain upside-down and put it in the washing machine just to be able to visualize it. Well, all in all, it was a great read, not gonna lie.


It was truly a great read. Ch. 95 is where I will drop this. I'm still reeling from the shock that the MC's gf died. Unfortunately, I'm too busy in real life to properly digest this. So I don't really know how to feel. I did have the feeling that the author was going to do this sooner or later, but it still hurts me a lot when it happens. See you all next year; when this series has more than 200 chapters, I'll come back to it.



v4 and beyond!

It was wholesome. So wholesome, in fact, that I was wondering why the heck the author did not do more updates on this series!? I want to read more, especially when the progression has become more serious (kind of). The princess, his ex-fiancee, and his sister will be coming. Not the next volume, but likely after that, or maybe the next one after that.

Sei is now at peace with Mireia. His chest no longer tightens whenever he dreams of her. I love how the author did this. Now I no longer need to drop this novel. I love Mireia, I really do. I wish her happiness, be it in the afterlife or the next.

PS: The synopsis needs a little bit of tinkering because it is kind of misleading. It's kinda like demeaning the MC too much. He is weak, yes, but NOT THAT WEAK. And being a porter is not a lowly job either; that's just the perception among those in High Society. And what do you mean he doesn't trust others? I read the novel, and there is no such thing as the MC having had some sort of major trust issue happen to him in the past or anything like that -_-)

PS: I fixed it. Feel free to edit it back if you don't like it. <<less
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September 11, 2023
Status: --
This is a bit of a weird one in that I'm not sure if the MC is just plain s*upid or if he's being manipulated by god.

Basically spoilers from ch 1.

... more>>

Basically the setting here is that the MC is a modern person who is reincarnated into a fantasy world ruled by strength and where strength is based of mainly what kind of class you have. The classes in turn are linked to a persons soul strength. To give an example the strongest class Hero has a soul value of 100 so only someone with a soul that strong can become a hero however the MC has the soul value of 250 which even the god who reincarnated him has never seen before.

However the MC for some reason wants a class with an inventory cause you need an inventory to live an easy life in a fantasy world. But the only class that has an ability like that is the porter/carrier class but because it's the weakest class of them all with a required soul value of 0 and to be able to have a unique skill like storage all their stats are even bellow someone with out a class that is also at soul value 0. All their stats are even lower then someone without a class. But here is where it becomes weird in that the MC before being reincarnated is able to use his soul value to tweak his class however he wants but it seemingly costs a ton more points to add/increase things to a class compared to picking an already strong class. So the MC spends 100 soul points to get his stats up from an average E to an average of D which is the average stat for a classless, most classes are average C+ from my understanding and the hero has a stat average of A. He then spends another 100 points to get fast learner which let's him learn new skills faster and 50 points on appraisal since appraisal is always OP right???

So now he's built himself a life where he has the OP skill storage but because his magic stats are so low he can barely use it and his main feature is being able to learn new skills faster but again because of his low stats he can't really use them so he instead has to turn to fighting dirty and using poisons/aphrodisiacs to win a fight because he's so weak.

Honestly with how the system was introduced he could have just as well picked the hero or sage as his base class and then add storage to them instead of picking porter and then paying the same value as the two classes was worth just to raise his stats to be seemingly 1/10 or 1/100 as strong as them....

On top of that the other unique skill the porter/carrier has is fast recovery which somehow makes him super h**ny all the time so he can pretty much only think with his third leg. So now we have a protagonist that has somehow built at least in theory one of the weakest characters I've ever read, since his only strength is his storage but he can barely use it because of his low stats and his brain is ruled by his D.


Outside of that the writing is decent but the story is pretty much a focus on the snu snu for the most part but the author seemingly has no idea how to write snu snu outside of here's a big D meeting big b**bas! great chapter! <<less
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FunnyFear rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: v7
The manga starts with volume 5, and since the mangaka decided it was better - that's where I started reading from (8 volumes in total).

While there are some hilarious moments here, it gets disappointing towards the end. The protagonist has no purpose at all, and s*x is his main motivation. That said, the women are milfs, sick prostit**es, in love with another, etc. For example, the girls on the cover of the manga are just one of many, they don't stick around in the story, and after their story arc... more>> they completely disappear from the plot. The author's presentation is very weak. The breakup happens without any premise at all. For example, the holy maiden is taken away by knights - "it looks like here we part" and that's it, he goes wherever he goes in search of a new p**sy.

The s*x is described without fantasy - the vast majority is missionary position and descriptions of how big his d*ck is. <<less
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AJS90 rated it
August 14, 2023
Status: c170
Well, this is an isekai through and through, so I guess about everyone here will have a decent idea what basic patterns to expect. Therefore, I will just give a rough idea what I see this story excelling or failing at in a pro/con comparison.


- It’s 18+

While some might be off-put by the amount of s*x scenes or dislike heavy topics, it’s still a general pro to have mature story telling that doesn’t need to worry about staying within an age rating. The author mostly keeps the tone... more>> of the story light, but you frequently encounter darker topics like mu*der, r*pe, abuse and more, using graphic depictions.

- It’s not going on about “Japan being the greatest”

Too often we have stories around MCs’ that bring their moral points of view to the isekai world. Not here. The moment we leave the MC’s previous life, we live by the rules and morals of the isekai world. The MC doesn’t try to play the messiah and change the world to his own ideals. And on a personal note: No never ending excursions talking about food or recipes the MC brought over from Japan.

- MC is decent

He is an adult, and mostly feels and acts like an adult. So not your typical virg*n MC or “chuunibyou” power fantasy hero. He also keeps true to his own goals and isn’t a push-over being swept along by the flow all the time, instead is taking the initiative if necessary.

- Powerlevels don’t feel like total bullshit

The MC is neither overly weak nor strong. Same applies to the enemies. Power increases feel plausible and aren’t constantly powercrept by the next bigger villain appearing.


- Narrative heavy

Like it’s typical in WNs, we have a heavy focus on narration, often going over several pages without any dialogue. And even the dialogues themselves are mostly explanations of skills, areas, dungeons and so on (if the author wanted to mimic typical NPC dialogue, the ones you usually end up skipping in a game, I guess he did a good job in a sense). Otherwise, probably like a third of the dialogues in this WN happen during s*x scenes.

- Boring explanations

Like it’s typical in isekai stories, you get forced through extensive RPG system and world expositions. Some might call it necessary, but it just feels like I’m being forced to read tutorials for systems everyone who ever played an RPG already knows about (levelling, EXP, skills, quests...).

- Cosmetic side cast

Other than the MC, there is no real cast that stays. Every person the MC encounters usually only stays for the length of a volume and then disappears for good. Not meaning to say the characters are bad. Just them getting too little time to grow on you before they inevitably disappear again. Characters get reintroduced every now and then, but it’s only few in between (at least as of volume 7).
One thing I’d like to mention, and sets this story apart from other isekai more or less, is the kind of “heroines” you should expect.

Don’t expect anything virg*n here, or at least don’t expect it as a norm. So far the women in this WN are mostly prostit**es, widows, married or r*pe victims (or a random mix of those), with a general focus on mature women. Also, these characters exist mostly for the MC’s s*xual gratification. Otherwise, they offer only little to no value to the story.



- It’s an isekai by the book

Don’t expect anything novel in here. It’s a dungeon crawler isekai through and through, mixed with copious amounts of wish fulfilment. Guy gets isekai’d, acquires skills, gains levels, adventures and meets girls. If you dislike isekai stories, you’ll dislike this WN. If you like them, you might also like this WN.

- Repetitive structure

The chapters tend to feel very uniform in structure. Mostly being cut in a s*x part in the beginning and/or ending of a chapter, and a story part. It can grow bland after a while, but at the same time the author stays true to his style and doesn’t suddenly change how his story is written midway. (Also allowing for an easy skip of s*x scenes for anyone that has grown tired of them after the 100th repetition.)

In conclusion:

It’s a readable isekai, neither great nor horrible. Its pros and cons balance each other, so it’s probably very individual whether you’ll like it or not. If you want to give this WN a chance, I’d recommend reading about the first 2 volumes (50 chapters). After that, you should have a good idea about this WN and whether you like it or not.
Just take this one warning before you start though: This story isn’t just sunshine and happiness. The world it is set in is ruled by the strong. And our MC is far from being powerful enough to play the hero in every situation, nor does he even want to. So if you can’t take a punch or two, better stay away.

(Small note for those that come here from the manga and are surprised about the differences: The manga pretty much starts at volume 5 of the WN, so pretty late into the story.) <<less
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mocherl rated it
May 9, 2023
Status: c12
Oh, boy, what can I say.

In theory, this would be a middle of the road isekai novel, where someone chooses an apparently low ranked job and becomes OP.

In reality, at least through the first 12 chapters, over half the text is dedicated to s*x scenes, written as though the only experience the author had with s*x was p*rn and (maybe) anatomical illustrations. They're so bad it's not even cringe-worthy. It doesn't help that the premise of the s*x scenes is that the 12-year-old MC is being "taught" how to have... more>> s*x by his nanny and a child servant who weren't given any choice in the matter, and that his so-called partners have never had any experience with s*x other than r*pe by the MC's father. So... well, then. <<less
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KagamiYato rated it
September 2, 2023
Status: c72
I enjoy the story at first ngl pertty interesting but I hope we have more POV of other ppl other than MC I think the only PoV happen once at the begin with the Maid and no more. Second later the story become boring bit by bit its like repeat the same think chapter after ch

... more>>

MC get to a new town get a woman. Ch start with MC give her s*x next go labyrinth fight monster come back, night do s*x again. Next chapter the same think like that 10-11 ch and he go to next town and repeat.


i really dont care about MC be Op or not I like the way MC is not strong and not weak normal but I think author dont focus on other staff like what going around the world what happen to ppl MC know just MC story and s*x staff yea good at start but it become boring later (i read in Raw to c72 and I will keep reading hope it become more intersting later why I give it 2 stars is because the charaters good not over top story not that good but it can fall down) THAT what I think maybe I let you down with it but who know try reading yourself maybe u like it !! <<less
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