The Way To Conquer A Different World As A Reincarnated Porter


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Seiichi Takeda who yearned for a free life was given a chance to reincarnate into a different world. Since he has little trust in others (no, he is not an edgy MC. He is normal), he chose the lowly job (seen in high society aka Aristocracy) of a porter, the only job that has a storage skill (there are magical bags tho).

This is the story of a man conquering a different world with his low amount of mana utilizing things like skills, equipment, and drugs.

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Eisvarith Devirea
Eisvarith Devirea rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: v4c95
this series is amazing.

the character progression, the story, depth, relationship, cruel depiction, even the world-building and well.... the r-18 stuff just speaks its essence and quality the author brings to this novel.

its told a story of an average plain MC, who doesnt really want anything, he just follows what he wants to do and things that he plan to do and sometimes his dream. its mostly slice of life of your normal average adventurer but with him being a porter. he do stuff mostly solo but he wont mind a... more>> bit of company, such as hiring s*aves. and s*aves in this world are more less non-existence if we put it in your standard isekai tensei novel. what I mean is, there is no such things as collar s*ave or s*ave magical contract. although the world have such game elements, it didn't affect the world denizens that much, at least when I read this all the way till it latest chapter, there is no such depictions that there are certain jobs so persecuted. the synopsis might told "the lowly porter" but even porter are not that lowly, they had the backing of Porter Unions. they are weak yes, but that just your normal porter, not the MC. so there are no persecutions whatsoever, except in aristocracy and wealthy merchant, and the story doesnt tell that much for it to matter.

what I want to tell you next is the world building. there isnt much to say. so im going just short with this. The author, this guy is good. he develops such a story that doesnt feel out of balance, not that boring but absolutely stunning and full of enjoyment. its the kinda series where no such aspect of the game elements stood out so much for it to tickle your brain and annoy the living sh*t out of you. No one is OP, is what I would like to say but heroes exist, and as of latest chapter, it hasnt been told yet how strong they are, but the author is so good with this novel world development, and there are no mentions of unreasonable power exist in the story, so there you go.

there wasnt much to be told about the characters, they are.... I guess you could say fun? charming? warming? in any case they are normal and makes sense. you wouldnt feel they are out of place. author doesnt do any of that japanese bullsh*ttery so everything is just feels kind of natural when you are reading them.

R-18, I advise you to ignore the 'R-18' in some later chapters at the beginning of the volume 1 and also a lot of chapters. I kind of get it why this being put into R-18 category but the s*x scene is just a pure waste of time (especially some later chapters at the beginning of the volume 1), well most of the time. so I just skip those things and read only for the story. I mean it, its not sarcasm and im being serious about it. although its R18 its doesnt feel like that, most of the time. well those s*x scenes are enjoyable no doubt about it. its not like other series with their ridiculous story telling of it. when reading them, its like im reading a doujin or something, so I dont have to do my brain upside-down and put it into washing machine just to be able visualize it. well all in all it was a great read, not gonna lie.


it was truly a great read. ch95 is where I will drop this. im still reeling from the shock MC gf died. unfortunately im too busy in real life to properly digest this. so I dont really know how to feel. I did knew the author is going to do this sooner or later, but it still hurts me a lot when it happens. see you all next year, when this series had more than 200 chapters, ill come back to it.


ps. the synopsis need a little bit of tinkering, because it is kind of misleading. its kinda like demeaning the MC too much. he is weak, yes but NOT THAT WEAK. and porter is not a lowly job either, thats just the perception with those in High Society. and what do you mean he doesnt trust others? I read the novel and there is no such a thing as MC had some sort of major trust issues or anything like that -_-)

ps. I fixed it. feel free to edit it back if you dont like it. <<less
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