The Villainess Directs Rofan


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‘Every beautiful thing is all mine.’

Louisa Messena, the lout villainess of the fallen Duchy Kingdom.

A woman who had been exposed to many works of art and surrounded by luxury items ever since she was a child, and had lived with gambling, alcohol, and luxury even after having her household ruined.

She loved and hunted beautiful things.

What she had loved the most was men.

Handsome, and beautiful men.

Without knowing that that obsession about beauty, creates a future where she will be executed.

—That was the history of the body I possessed.

But for me, such a behind-the-scene story was an area out of my interest.

I don’t give a sh*t about Rofan, or possessing. My interest is solely one.

That is making a ‘play’.

Since in my world, there are only directions, actors, stages, and audiences.

“If you want to kiss me, tell me that, Master. That’s why you make me into a male actor and you stand as a female actor, right?”

The little bit dangerous and cheeky actor, and…

“As expected, turns out you… were a person who couldn’t love anything other than plays. Even so, it doesn’t matter. Please take advantage of me. Since I’ll let myself be well taken advantage of.”

The strange as much as being obsessed fiance wasn’t the important thing.

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악녀는 로판을 연출한다
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