The Villain Reincarnated Is a Free Man ~I Want to Act While Ignoring the Scenario of the Original Game~


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Before I knew it, I found myself reincarnated as the villain of a video game. His name is Ares Soelartaut.

Hated by the game’s characters and ridiculed by the players, he is the second son of a Marquis family headed for ruin. But I don’t want that kind of future. I won’t go along with the game’s scenario.

I am aware of Ares’ unrivaled potential, so all that’s left is for me to train him to be one of the best. But first, I need to lose weight!

The adventurous tale of Fat Ares’ diet begins now.

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The Reincarnated Villain is a Free-Spirited Person ~I Want to Act While Ignoring the Scenario of the Original Game~
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3 Reviews

Jun 30, 2023
Status: --
This gave me a headache, I usually love novels like this where the MC works hard to change their fate and slap the faces of all the ppl who doubted them but...


All he's done so far is chatter endlessly, he's literally so self-absorbed I'm surprised he can walk straight w/o tripping. This MC sounds like he was written by smn who's biggest fantasy is to travel to another world but doesn't acc consider anything around them. World building? None. Any actual substance to his character? Nada.

I'm... more>> usually nice in these reviews but damn was this MC annoying. <<less
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Oct 13, 2023
Status: c81
I don't think the internal dialog and lack of convo is in itself a problem. Are stoic or shy characters not supposed to have a thought in their heads? It's the repetition. His internal dialogue, routine, and even the plot devices are continually repeated. It's like a running gag in a comedy series, but applied to damn near everything.

This is probably the logical and extreme end of the whole 'let's deny the scenario' trope/theme. Tbh, I think the whole premise is a lazy scaffold to cobble a story together with.... more>> It makes it oh so easy for a writer to hand wave away plot inconsistencies by saying that was how it was in the OG scenario. Among other things.

Which is too bad because I started reading this because I quite like characters that are goal oriented, train hard, and develop. Unfortunately, everything else aside, this MC plateaus quite quickly and just keeps going through the motions. <<less
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Oct 02, 2023
Status: c81
As the other review states, MC it's really self-absorbed, to put it in numbers (yeah I counted) until chapter 17 he has his first conversation with a person (a random character btw) until this chapter there has been a total of 268 dialogues, 47 being from the MC (mostly self dialogue or expressions like "argh") 95 being from secondary characters and 128 from background characters (mostly saying random stuff) after this chapter he starts talking a bit more.

If you came to see a story where he transmigrates into a videogame... more>> and he interacts with the characters and changes the story, skip this, our MC has his first interaction with someone from the main cast until chapter 67 and is mostly just a small talk and after that the supposedly "main cast" is barely mentioned in some points of the story as if the author suddenly remembers this is a transmigration story.

There are some arcs that are quite interesting but none of them is in the academy, the academy is just the place where the MC trains and tries to gain the favor of her teacher because he is into her aside from that the academy parts are really mediocre. <<less
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