The Vicious Female Supporting Character Grows a Brain


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Yao Yingying was a vicious female supporting character in a period novel. She had big breasts and no brains. She was charming and malicious, and was extremely jealous. She bullied others while relying on the fact that her father was the village chief.

She strived for more, so she made cunning plans and married Song Qiuhuai, the prestigious, stern, and temporarily hopeless son of a high ranking party member. After getting married, she continued to cause trouble. She did everything she could to prevent Song Qiuhuai from taking the college entrance examination, and framed the female lead, Chen Shuyao, and other people for immoral behavior. Because she was too vicious, her father was reported and sent to jail after the reform happened. She suffered the consequences and was r*ped by a fool. She was tied up at home and forced to give birth to a bunch of little fools. Finally, at such a young age, she could no longer bear the humiliation and jumped into a well and died.

The male lead got rid of her, as she was his cancer. He successfully took the college entrance examination and returned to the city. Later, he went south to do business, seized the chance to expand on an industry, and became a business tycoon. He also fell in love with the female lead and lived a long life.

Yao Yingying, who knew all of this now…

Cried and bit the corner of the blanket.

She blinked with her watery eyes.

“… Husband, I know I was wrong…”

Ps: Yingying is not that bad. The novel has its own world. While writing the novel, the author will give the characters personality characteristics. As the story develops, the characters will grow into their character and away from their monotonous character designs. Thus, there is no reference to the original story.

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