The Temporary Divorce Relationship


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News that shook up the peaceful social world.

The marriage between the Crown Prince of the Istein Empire to the youngest son of the Nothern Grand Duke.

What seemed like a beautiful marriage between an Alpha and Omega…

Was actually a strategic alliance between the Crown Prince, who sought to secure an alliance with the Duke of Reinhardt,

And Ash, who wanted to correct the mistakes he made during the Manifestation Fever.

However, just when they thought that was all there was to it…

“Don’t push me away.”

Tears streamed down Zion’s face. It seemed like he hadn’t even realized he was crying.

“Can you just… hug me, please?”

All Ash wanted was to return to his carefree life,

But Zion continues to stir the weak spot in his heart.

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잠정적 이혼관계
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