The Survival Game


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The first time I took a plane, I don’t know what happened, but as soon as the plane took off, I fell asleep for no reason. When I woke up again, the plane that was originally full only had fifteen people left. No sign of the captain and the flight attendants. It was pure darkness outside the window, and all I could hear was the sound of the engines roaring.

Suddenly, the mysterious flight announcement turned on.

“Welcome aboard to the Wailing Flight, there are only fifteen people onboard, and only a few can live to get off this plane!”

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Shen Huan You Xi
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July 15, 2016
Status: c5
A survival-thriller novel that has game-like structures with contestants trapped in an inescapable place just like Danganronpa and Zero Escape. It's narration is decent and a plot that you cannot predict easily. It is worth reading if you have time.
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OminousSocks rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: c10
Pretty good story.

Gotta agree with craBebe. The MC's deduction skills are pretty poor when in comparison to professional deduction skills. To be fair though the MC isn't an experienced detective to begin with.

Hopefully he'll grow more throughout the novel, but more importantly I hope the translators continue translating.
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craBebe rated it
August 25, 2016
Status: c10
Mediocre "Who done it?" at best. If you're looking for a murder mystery you're probably better off looking elsewhere. Maybe it gets better later, but so far the "deduction" ability of these participants has been really disappointing.
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