The Strategist of the Magic Emperor Shatters the Second Destruction


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The story of a young man who, upon receiving a second chance, goes all out to prevent the destruction of his childhood friend.

The Six Emperors, individuals of exceptional talent.
These emperors, wielding considerable power within the world, were one day exterminated by a visitor from another realm.
Even the Magic Emperor, hailed as the strongest of the Six Emperors and the only force capable of opposition, was not spared.

A childhood friend of the Magic Emperor, Balam.
In his despair at surviving disgracefully as the strategist of the Magic Emperor, Balam stumbles upon a miracle.

“You will not face destruction… I’ll change it for you.”
“Huh? What are you talking about?”

In order to shatter the destruction, he uses the memories and magic he gained in his first life to ravage the world for a second time.

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