The Sorcerer Laughs in the Mirror


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Ariel finds herself switched with Gray, who is connected to a series of murders. While studying magic in order to return to her body, she gets caught up in events related to Gray, however–

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Mahou Tsukai wa Kagami no Naka de Warau
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02/06/17 Selfish Translations v2c9
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02/04/17 Selfish Translations v2c5
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01/29/17 Selfish Translations v1c14
01/29/17 Selfish Translations v1c13
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Fantasy-Magician rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: v2c9
First of all this is a very original take of gender bender genre, there's nothing humorous about the switch that usually prevalent in this genre. The identity crisis and emotional trauma from genre switch expected if it happen in real life is portrayed in this novel, albeit my only critiques is the writer could stretch the unstable emotion period in more vivid detail. It's not that the writer completely gloss it over, the character take it 'badly' is shown in this story but not described in a way that easier... more>> for reader to be able to sympathize with MC better. The plot is well written, and the MC's character development could be seen from naive Ojou-sama to more dependable and sociable individual who could hold his own ground
The plot is unique, and it's a fresh meal for us avid readers from typical plot other web novel recycle over and over. <<less
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ukade rated it
June 7, 2016
Status: c2
Teenage girl in the body of a teenage boy who's also a murderer. Can't wait until they get to the magic aspect and the gender bending confusions. Looks promising.
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