The Small Sage Will Try Her Best In The Different World From Lv.1!


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Kujo Yuuri, who had been playing Elysia Online, finally changed her occupation to the sage of her desire. Then, she was asked whether to go to the true Elyasia or not and selected [Yes], and somehow went to another world. Furthermore, she became a small child.

The small sage Yuuri and her companions’ love and adventure fantasy.

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Chibikko Kenja, Lv.1 kara Isekai de Ganbarimasu!
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
08/27/19 Ziru’s Musings c9
08/15/19 Ziru’s Musings c8
07/13/19 Yado Inn c7
07/12/19 Yado Inn c6
07/11/19 Yado Inn c5
06/11/19 Yado Inn c4
05/28/19 Yado Inn c3
04/27/19 Yado Inn c2
04/03/19 Yado Inn c1
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flowingcloud rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: --
The novel is slightly different from the manga, but overall it's the same plot. The main character Yuuri is just on her OP journey and it's basically slice of life with

the cat that appears really quickly.


Don't expect a real plot or any super action, just overpowered loli little girl (who used to be an adult) having fun in a game world.
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April 5, 2019
Status: --
There are too little chapters out, so for the time being I'll highlight the differences between the manga and web novel out of what is out now, then make a review of this once more chapters are out.

So far, the biggest difference is in the manga, the MC is in a VR game, they accept being transported to another world simply by just saying yes to everything without listening due to being overexcited. When they wake up in another world, they think it is part of their sage quest to... more>> be transported to a new map only realizing that this is reality a bit later.

In the web novel, they are playing a PC game, unlike the manga, they agree to it thinking it is a bonus map that is available to high level players only (she had to get mage to 99, then priest to 99 to get sage). When she gets sent to another world, she obviously doesn't think it is a game but so far treats it as a dream.

To be continued... <<less
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