The Situation with My Childhood Friend Who Perfectly Recovered from Illness Slowly Closing the Gap


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The protagonist, Nagisa Rokudo, once died and was reincarnated.

It wasn’t a different world reincarnation or a modern fantasy reincarnation, but a place that closely resembled the world he originally lived in.

Although there was a slight disappointment, Nagisa had a childhood friend in this world.

She was cute, beautiful, smart—a perfect childhood friend.

However, she fell ill and couldn’t move her body properly.

But by some stroke of luck, a miracle happened, and the childhood friend recovered and became lively again.

And—quietly and unnoticed—she had transformed into a yandere who harbored a demon within her.

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The case where I was gradually getting buried in the heavy love of my childhood friend who had miraculously recovered from their illness was perfect!
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New Touch-San rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: c47
The MC is kind of starting to piss me off at this point. So obsessed with the idea of having Rion as a "childhood friend" is he that I wouldn't be surprised if that god like being told him that he'd actually die if he thought of her as anything more. It's actually just plain creepy that he'd go so far to keep telling her that when it's obvious to both of them that she wants something more from their relationship.
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Witnessfox22 rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: c7
So far the story is pretty mid. The MC being reincarnated is a weird decision since it has no bearing on the story. He could have just been a regular guy with a sick childhood friend and it wouldn't have changed anything. To be fair the chapters released are just the set up for the story and there is plenty ways this can go, but nothing done so far is attention grabbing. On the plus side the writing and translating are done well so even if not outstanding I'll give... more>> it a 3. <<less
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