The Situation in Her Bed


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After getting dumped by her boyfriend of four years, Sunghee got drunk to forget him. But when she woke up the next morning, she saw the unfamiliar ceiling, unfamiliar bed, and… a man she didn’t recognize.

And just like that, her whole life changed.

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침대속의 사정
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kohaichi rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: Completed
OK so I've read till c5.5 so far...

First of all! The translation quality is really good! Tysm translator-san for your hard work because I am really liking the novel so far!

Second, despite my not really good first impression of the MC, I am liking the story's chill and fun progression so far (if you could call what happened in that couple of chapters a progression).

The ML is still mysterious and all but he doesn't sound like someone that would attract unnecessary drama to his relationship with the MC (I still... more>> don't know what I am saying). So basically, ML is a pretty fun guy around out MC so I'm liking his character so far~

I'm just anticipating the time when the possessive/obsessive/persistent love would spark in their relationship, I came here for that (actually no. it's just a part of the reason, it is mainly because translator-san recommended it when I was reading another one of their work >.<)

I feel like it's time to rate this novel now!

I am not stingy with rating novels if the novel is good (meaning I liked the story, the characters, translation quality, etc.) so as long as I like it, no negatives of the author/translator's hard work would overwhelm my good impression of it! So 5 stars it is~!

(I wonder why the rating is only 3.5 rn though since there's no other reviews... but then again there's only 9 total votes currently) <<less
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Nonameschemer rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: --
Honestly, love both the ML and fl. They aren't outstanding people in terms of looks, morality or anything for that matter. The FL is a realistic woman and her morals sound truthful rather than excessive pandering that makes her seem innocent but turns her into another irritating white lotus. She has high standards (too high for her own good) and is reasonably superficial. As much as everyone swears up and down personality matters and they don't pay attention to other things, income and looks are the first thing you can... more>> find out about someone. The main conflict of the story is that MC doesn't want to settle on a guy she thinks is a bum, but she enjoyed s*x for the first time in her life with him and starts paying more attention to his better aspects of him.

There is a secondary love interest

MC's ideal man, her office leader. He's tall and handsome with a good career. She kinda leads him on in all honesty which is a somewhat shitty thing to do, but who doesn't want to have options? She thought she liked him and even went as far to do her best to convince the ML to not spread rumors about them sleeping together so this secondary ML didn't think she was promiscuous.


I wouldn't say this novel is like any other romance novel you commonly see on here. There's no face slapping or real antagonist. The MC isn't some magical little fairy sister who's endlessly attractive, selfless, or cutesy and everyone thinks she can do no wrong. She gets jealous of her friend sometimes, she's wants to marry well, and feels the societal pressure of growing too old without getting married. To add icing to the cake, she isn't a virgin, which is really rare in these type of novels, nor is the ML a virgin who magically gives the best pipe of her life. I removed one star since the novel wanted to buff up the ML last minute removing some of the appeal of its realism <<less
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Booktabs_pen rated it
May 21, 2022
Status: Completed
At the moment, there is 3.8 ratings for this novel and to be honest, it wasn't that bad at all. I actually enjoyed the dynamics between the FL and the ML. Moreover, the plot wasn't repetitive compared to what is mostly published today in Korean and Chinese novels.

Within this story, a tinge of reality is tackled where us individuals basically have standards, and sometimes it may get too high that most, if not all, may get disappointed if we do not get them. But how prepared are we when we... more>> have finally met the person that we've all been looking forward to meet? Would we be insecure and terrified? Or maybe it might force us to think whether it's what we really want as we get to know them, after all, there is no perfect one. What if that person who has exceeded your standard is handsome but arrogant? Kind, but has average income? Smart, tall, and caring, but isn't attractive as to what you are looking for. In each of the ideals you are peering for comes with an ideal that you may not like. When you reach that point, you prioritize what the heart, as well as the mind desire. These are all my sudden thoughts after reading the novel! &Lt;3 <<less
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Isabelle rated it
February 11, 2022
Status: --
It's kinda of a mix, some ideas are progressive and some are dated behaviors of her own validation relying into male approval.... But that's pretty common into most of the novels so just don't think much about it lol

The descriptions are good, and they are cute together. Just...


The fact that I didn't like how the ML blackmailed our FL...... Just wtf, you couldn't figure any better idea to keep in touch with her??? Really???

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kanaeri rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: c6.4
Pretty juicy stuff right now. I'm a total fan of the ML/MC not being completely gorgeous and just average ordinary workers. Her personality could use some work but we're only a few chapters in.

Sejin's a character I really want to see unfold. I want to know his past and his story. I have a thing for nerdy social outcasts. My husband is one, and he's amazing.

The translation is amazing. I was completely hooked.
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o LaLa o
o LaLa o rated it
July 23, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is ruined and at the same time carried by the MCs narrow mindedness and irresponsibility.

Ruined, because these character traits are very uncomfortable for a MC to have.

Carried, because she is portrayed in a pretty realistic way. Thus making her incomprehensible and the progress of the story intriguing.

... more>>

The MCs narrow mindedness can be seen in the first few chapter, as she disregards the ML due to his lesser attractiveness. But also later on when she considers giving up a rather intimate and happy relationship with the ML in favor of a more constrained but advantageous relationship with the 2nd ML.

Her irresponsibility is especially towards her relationship with the ML. It is totally fine to lead an open relationship and at the start MC and ML are doing a good job. Even though they never set specific rules, they communicate very well - for example when MC tells ML about going on dates with 2nd ML. This makes it possible for them to trust each other and the relationship.

However towards the climax of the story the MC starts to keep her progress with 2nd ML a secret which leads to the ML feeling cheated and leaving (really scummy behavior on MC part but still not entirely irresponsible). MC becomes irredeemable when she finds out about ML social status and cousin relationship with 2nd ML. She feels cheated and somehow gives ML all the fault for her inappropriate behavior with the 2nd ML.
(She spins a conspiracy in which the ML and 2nd ML planned their love triangle like a trap and her dishonesty - that led to her break with ML - was both their fault / plan and she is the victim)


Another thing worth mentioning about this novel is the plot.

The main conflict is about the MC having to decide wether to have a relationship with the ML - with whom she can be open, intimate and happy- or with the 2nd ML - who can give her status and stability.

Unfortunately this entire conflict is simply magically erased.

Because the ML turns out to offer even higher status and stability than the 2nd ML, as he is a rich 2nd generation.

Which in turn makes the entire novel quite pointless.

On top of that was the smut scoring more quantity than in quality. <<less
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nanfeng rated it
December 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Giving it a 5 even though its a 4 because the ratings for it are surprisingly low. I like that even though they were some predictable cliches baked in, the story was very much a modern adult romance. The smut was good, the MC was flawed in a very normal and understandable way - wanting someone with financial security and career prospects does not make her shallow as some have insinuated. Money is an important part of relationships and I liked that she wasn't some fairy virgin who keeps saying... more>> no during s*x. Nonameschemer's review above covers other things I liked about the novel!


Only question I wish was solved was why SML approached her. What was he trying to accomplish? I also wanted to see how her relationship with Yura and her other co-workers would develop after her outburst at the the party. You know, suddenly your work bestie is about to help the CEO ran the company lol.


Thanks translator for translating this author's novels. Your translations are really excellent! <<less
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sweetbitch___ rated it
July 1, 2022
Status: Completed
the smut was good so 5 on 5 for it coz I lovedd the interaction of ML n MC <3... the story was soso *spoiler* my one doubt is y did the manager go after our MC ? lyk he knew his cousin like her so y did he showed interest? to see if she was sincere to him nd not becoz she wanted good seggs?
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aaeiklm rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I personally loved it. The smut was nice but the story was even more so. There is real conflict here, with the FL against herself - her desires vs. Her priorities in life - which makes it all the more gratifying when you go through the tension between the two leads and finally reach the ending. Neither of them are perfect and you will get annoyed at some of their conversations (or lack thereof oops-) but you'll see that still, they're kinda perfect for each other.

Major spoiler ahead!

... more>>

Though I just have to say, having the ML turn out to be secretly rich took away from the lesson (?) of the story. But hey, the love was real regardless so I keep my 5 star rating.


Translator did a really good job too! <<less
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