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Kim Na-Yool is an overworked designer working at Ethical Communications, a famous advertising company. Night after night, she remains in the office to labor away a job that never seems to end.

But one day, after a long journey of misfortunes including the loss of all her precious work due to her computer overloading, Na-Yool loses it. That’s it! No more sacrificing her life for the sake of a company who does not deserve her!

In a sudden burst of courage, she barges into the President office to rebel. There, she witnesses her handsome boss, Kwon Si-Jin, secretly enjoying jerking off…

The weird office romance of a pervy CEO and his hardworking underling! What exciting events await Na-Yool’s long sleepless nights?

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사내에서는 정숙할 것
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4 Reviews

Jan 10, 2021
Status: c9
I know it seems really dragged out, but in reality it's not. The 8 first chapters is all chapter 1, because the translator split one normal length chapter into eight parts and labeled them all as separate chapters. This makes reading experience extremely choppy and slow, but it's not the novel's fault. As for the novel, I can't even say much, because the chapter 1 (or chapters 1-8 here) was about establishing the story setting. I'll keep reading because it seems interesting. EDIT: after reading some more, the fun part... more>> starts at chapter 12 here and it's pretty good. The banter between the two is top notch. <<less
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Dec 16, 2020
Status: c6
I'm into smut novels especially if it has a good plot. Most of the time, I read smut novels just for the sake of smut scenes, disregarding if it has a bad plot. But this novel is in the six chapter with no smut scenes at all! The whole 6 chapters are just her monologue of ranting. Maybe I'm just used to smut novels that has smut scenes in their first chapter but there are also novels who has smut scenes on the latter part of the story but it... more>> is still interesting to read, like Lucia. I know the author is building up the reason of MC's hatred toward the ML, but man, six chapters of monologuing is a bit too long for me. I don't think the next chapter will have a decent scene interaction with other characters of the story but another chapter of her monologue. I don't know if I will still continue reading this. Maybe I'll come back if it updated some few more chapters. Maybe the next chapters will be a lot more interesting. Hopefully, others will read and give it a review so I would know if there's a good progress in the novel. I like the plot description of the novel and I guess this is a smut novel that has a good plot story, not just simply smut novel with smut scenes that will question your rationality like novel. <<less
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Mar 07, 2021
Status: c17
This novel made me crack up a lot. The MC and ML's first interaction was just so funny I almost wished for this novel to have manhwa adaption.

The first part seems dragged, but don't let that put you off, you can skim through it if you really can't bear it. Because this is a worth read, I tell you.
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Apr 19, 2021
Status: --
I only caught up now but its really good I want to see more of seung-jae even though I doubt they'll use him as a second male lead. Seung-jae is probably going t0 be used as a character to highlight the male leads protectiveness and love for the female lead and I hope he will be a male love interest. Great story, Great plot and I like it. I'm looking forward to the newer chapters.
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