The Sickly Seedling Dresses Up As An Unfortunate And Muddled Monarch


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A deafening sound echoed through the sky, and Emperor Qiu Junyao made a dazzling entrance. After waking up, having been diagnosed with leukemia and prematurely departed before the college entrance examination, he found himself in an unfamiliar fictional dynasty. Seated beside him was a cold beauty in red, casting disdainful glances, while a group of young men knelt at his feet, feigning tears with emotionless faces. Several eunuchs, pinching their high-pitched voices, excitedly shouted, “The emperor has passed away!”

Qiu Junyao: “???”

He reached out, using his remaining strength to grasp the hand of the beautiful woman, declaring in a resounding voice, “I haven’t passed away.”

Beautiful Woman: “?”

Eunuchs: “?”

Young Men: “?”

Qiu Junyao’s “feigned death” caused chaos all around. When he finally calmed down, he realized he had transmigrated into a troublesome role as an early-deceased emperor in a fictional world of devoted sons. The beauty by his side was his newly-wedded empress, and the kneeling princes below were eyeing his new wife.

In the original story, the emperor “Qiu Junyao” was oblivious to numerous betrayals, focused on alchemy, and died at the age of 35 due to excessive elixir consumption, leaving eccentric sons who forcibly took his new wife.

Qiu Junyao: “…You’re the one with kidney deficiency, not me or my entire family!” (Emphasis×)

Calculating that he still had a few years until 35, Qiu Junyao, shocked from his near-death experience, kicked away the alchemy furnace. He dedicated himself to handling court matters, loving his people, avoiding unnecessary construction, and occasionally taking his beautiful wife to visit their sons. He even provided psychological counseling for his eccentric sons, managing his time effectively and becoming a qualified ruler.

Upon reaching his 35th birthday, Qiu Junyao prepared to die, but instead of succumbing to kidney deficiency, he found his beautiful wife and sons rushing to his sickbed. The once aloof beauty held his hand, crying and pleading for him to stay. The crown prince, usually praised for his gentle demeanor, kicked over the royal physician and grimly declared:

“If you can’t cure Father Emperor, I’ll bury you all!”

Qiu Junyao: “…”

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Hell rated it
March 20, 2024
Status: Completed
The extras can be a little lackluster, but I very much enjoy this writing style. The plot is well done, even (or perhaps, specially) the twists, and they’re all neatly foreshadowed, which elevates the book in my eyes.

The characters are well developed and likable, and they act in rational (or irrational) ways that complement their personalities, so nowhere in text do they contradict their characterization. Even when they grow and change and age, they manage to still be the same people they were before.


... more>>

The official ending is a tearjerker. Can’t believe it could be this emotional. But after all, it’s what it says on the tin.


Just a couple of notes:

  • Qiu Junyao is a rational protagonist, and cunning, but has the tendency to overreact if things don’t go his way. That means that there’s various scenes of his overreaction;
  • This is, essentially, a harem drama. Although there’s only really one “woman” (the ML) in QJY’s harem, it’s still a harem/palace drama, so there’s lots of plots usually seen in harem/palace dramas. It’s definitely not “smooth” at all;
  • The story is what it says on the tin. QJY is really sick, and it shows. Multiple times;
  • The romance happens quite early. Still, lots of drama to go around;
  • Surprisingly, a lot of child raising involved;
  • There’s a lot of magical elements involved, and they’re crucial to the plot. If you prefer more “realistic” (i.e., no magic involved) historical novels, this one doesn’t really fit;
  • In some places, the novel’s writing style reminds the one of [宋央] Song Yang’s “Guidebook for the Dark Duke” and “Rivals of Rebirth”. I believe it’s the more “mature” or “unscrupulous” characters and the abundance of morally gray characters, with all of the accompanying manipulations and machinations.
Overall, this story doesn’t really rank a “5”, maybe a “4”, to be honest, but for the sake of its ratings I’ll keep at that, since it seems a bit low for now. <<less
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