The Seven Year Itch


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Xie Ruyue and Meng Yunian have been together for seven years, and they have gone through the sweet period to the mundane period. Now they are in the seven year itch.

Xie Ruyue finally understood why there was a seven-year itch. For example, she and Meng Yunian were clearly in a good relationship, but she felt that something was missing and gradually she could not feel the feeling of love.

Xie Ruyue went to a couple’s relationship restoration hall under the guidance of a friend.

She saw so many ways of s*x interc**rse in the hall that she had never heard of and it made her blush. Xie Ruyue held back her shyness and paid the money, trying to make a change.

When Meng Yunian returned from a business trip, he found that his gentle girlfriend had changed. Xie Ruyue became more clingy, more unrestrained, and sometimes made excessive demands, such as often begging him to f*ck. Sometimes Meng Yunian f*cked her so much that she cried and begged for mercy. She was also always in excitement and always wet, which was very different from the previous Xie Ruyue.

Meng Yunian didn’t say anything on the surface but he was actually very happy, because he had always hoped that Xie Ruyue would take the initiative. He hoped that Xie Ruyue wouldn’t hold back.

Female protagonist: Little white rabbit in the early stage, and slowly changed in the later stage.
Male protagonist: Big Bad Wolf

High School teacher x boss of game company

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