The Seven Beautiful Sisters Next Door Won’t Let Me Go Today. ~I Thought They Took Care of My Parents’ Debt, but They Locked Me Up, So I’m Escaping. Oh, They Found Me~


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I’m being held captive right now. The culprits are seven beautiful sisters who live in the mansion next door.

It all started when a man from an illegal loan company came to collect my parents’ debt. When I told them that my parents had disappeared, I was almost forced to work at a nightclub specializing in h*mo, but a goddess of salvation appeared before me.

It was Akane, the eldest of the seven beautiful sisters next door.

Akane paid my parents’ debt of millions on the spot…..

I was drugged on the spot and locked up.

It seems that all of the seven sisters next door had taken a liking to me, and they had been looking for a chance to lock me up.

Feeling that I was in some kind of danger, I tried to escape from the neighbor’s house somehow.

Will I be able to escape from their surveillance?

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