The Seed Thief


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Tired of loneliness, Lulu decided to create a homunculus (a human made of magic). She went to kidnap a human man to get the most crucial ingredient, ‘the human seed.’ On her way back from failure, a man attacked her and she accidentally cast ‘obedience magic’ on him…

Come to think of it, why would I let him go? I can obtain the seed from this man. The problem is, I don’t know how to extract it. I must keep this human with me until I figure it out.

He said it was dirty, so he washed himself and cleaned her house. He even cooked delicious food. Above all, she liked the warmth of his embrace at night. Lulu’s desire for a human grew further, one who resembled him. Meanwhile, she discovered how to extract the seed…

* * *

It was a familiar summer night, the same arms she had always fallen asleep in, yet at this moment, the air carried a strange heat she’d never felt before.

“You always want me.”

Ervandas raised his hand and trailed his fingers down the curve of Lulu’s lower back.


Lulu’s body twitched at the indescribable tickling sensation.

“Just a moment ago, you were about to swallow this whole.”

The ‘this’ Ervandas referred to brushed against her underneath. The blunt, still-damp tip glided over the gap in the thin fabric. The moment she felt the sogginess, Lulu tried to wriggle out of his embrace. But as if anticipating that, Ervandas exerted more strength in the arms that held Lulu.

“But why are you retreating when I said I would give it to you?”

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씨앗 도둑
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2 Reviews

Jul 01, 2023
Status: Completed
I honestly, don't know how to rate this book. This is not the kind of book I will say that has jaw dropping and spectacular plot or anything but really interesting to binge.

... more>>

I did review while I am so frustated so I am sorry in advance but...... wtf is wrong with the male lead leaving a pregnant woman alone for half a year and then proceed to going at war without even sending someone to get or sht ass say hello to the woman! damm! please read the book, cry and feel frustrated and hatred towards the male lead as I am. A pit that I believe no readers won't encounter. The way I was so scared for the female lead and cried for her survival and the baby. uhhhhh female lead should f*cking c*rse him to death I dont give a damn about his problems in life he could atleast send someone for his wife if he can lead a damn countries knights. like hey man? how come you never thought of it? he deserve to regret his whole life. I am having hard time finishing this chapters bcs of female leads helpless situations


Also, I just want to note the novel's Cover photo/pahe. Image of a bird stealing a seed or sumn, that was witty and hilarious at the same time.

thank you <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 16, 2023
Status: --
Not a lot of the novel has been translated so far. But from what I have read so far, the premise is interesting and comedic to a degree.

Definitely will wait for more chapters to come out before giving a more in depth review. But I see a lot of potential. And also the translation quality is very good -- so thank you translator-nim!
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