The Seamstress Girl


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Left with memories of a past life, Ewey was born into the Artisan noble family of Nylle. However, after it was determined she did not possess the ability to make “Divine Protection Embroidery”, she was exploited and spent her days in a living hell. By chance, she was picked up as a seamstress by the kind-hearted nobleman, Kalosthylla Roden. Grateful to Roden, she used the “Divine Protection Embroidery” she’d never shown her family, and made him sachet as a present. Adding in the power of the “Spirits” she’d always interacted with, the sachet she finished became an item on the level of a national treasure, and Ewey’s life takes yet another welcome turn.

Associated Names
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Hariko no Otome
Maiden of the Needle
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Waterylime rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: --
I love this story I was introduced to it from the manga and just had to read the original. The story so far has quite a few plot developments and twist. I can’t say for sure if the pace of the story will continue but for right now it is a very brisk pace in this regard I prefer the manga ‘s pacing. I personal feel that unlike other stories I have read you get more description and character background in the manga. The translation is easy to read and... more>> very well done. <<less
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AkaneSS rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: c5
The manga is interesting, the plot is interesting and the story+setting so far is interesting... why so many interestings? Well... the thing is so far there are only 5 chapter in english and although the manga is more advanced, for now there has not been many twists and turns, but I can see potential in it and that's why my high evaluation score. Can't wait for more to be translated.^^
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