The S-Rank Hero Wants to Retire! ~The Leader of the Kingdom’s Strongest Party Doesn’t Realize He’s a One-of-a-Kind Commander~


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—I want to become a hero.

Being a hero is the most prestigious occupation in the world. Alongside other adventurers, they travel to every unexplored corner of the world, battle unknown monsters, and obtain wealth and honor. If successful, one can grasp a happiness that no one else can achieve.

The protagonist, Saburo, formed a party with his childhood friend and close friends when he turned eighteen to become a hero.

However, they were too strong—An indomitable gangster that could defeat any formidable opponent without faltering. A beautiful woman who mastered magic and sorcery by contracting with numerous spirits. A mysterious girl who could befriend even monsters and perfectly mimic anything. Saburo served as the leader, but he reached his limit.

“I’m thinking of quitting adventuring.”

That was the beginning of everything, the prologue.

―At the same time, the Demon King is beginning to resurrect.

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S級勇者は退職したい! ~王国最強パーティーのリーダーは、自分が唯一無二の指揮官だと気がつかない~
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