The Runaway Heroine is Too Good at Escaping


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The runaway heroine is very skilled at escaping.

In the blink of an eye,I, Seraphina Viviana, was suddenly accused as the culprit.

Darn it, under these circumstances, I’ll personally catch the heroine!

Attempting to chase her using spatial magic, however,

Unfortunately, the magic in this world is math-based, and not just any math-

y(t)=a0+∞∑n=1 (an cos nωt+bn sin nωt)
a0=1/T ∫T0 y(t)dt
an=2/T ∫T0 y(t)cos nωtdt
bn=2T ∫T0 y(t)sin nωtdt

It was based on ‘real math’!

Amidst the chaos, the male lead who came to find the runaway heroine.

For now, in pursuit of the common goal of finding the heroine, I decided to join forces with them…

“Sera, try running away for once.”

Huh? It seems like I’m also in a situation where I’m being chased.

Is there still a spot left for a runaway heroine? I feel like I should do that too.

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도망 여주가 도망을 너무 잘 감
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