The Reward for Saving The World is a Husband


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My world has come to an end.

To prevent its destruction, I cleared an SSS-rank quest, proving our world’s ‘usefulness,’ but it was already too late. 

The life force of my last remaining companion faded away, and in the end, I was left alone.

I’m sure that was what happened…

“Who are you? Tell me how you got here.”

A breathtakingly handsome man I had never seen before appeared before me.

‘Is this the reward for clearing the SSS-rank quest?’

The warm food and comfy bed I’ve been dreaming of!

Thanks to him, I have a new goal.

‘I will protect my reward!’

In a world filled with frail humans, I will carve out the seeds of destruction to live happily with my handsome husband.

Elesha’s world salvation project in the wrong genre.

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세계구원의 보상은 남편으로
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