The Reunion With Twelve Fascinating Goddesses


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A young man named Kurosu Tooi was summoned to another world.

He commanded 12 beautiful goddesses to defeat the demon king in order to return to his world.

After one year. He returned back to the other world but, 10 years passed there—–

“Long time no see Tooi Onii-chan”

“Did you fall in love with my breast?”

His other world comrades have aged.

However, the [Nebulosa] (12 Goddesses) which released by Tooi are on a rampage in every parts of the continent.

“Cry in joy, Tooi Cross. The enemies this time are the women you loved”

His strongest servants are now his strongest enemies. It’s time to save his scattered comrades; in his 2nd coming to the other world, he has to fight, talk and make them fall for him! Let the curtain unfold, for this an Reunion fantasy of obtaining the strongest Goddesses (Heroines)!

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Isekai Shinki to no Reunion
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RarestProGamer rated it
October 31, 2016
Status: v2 epilogue
We need more harem novels like this. I absolutely love this, the refreshing thing about this light novel is that the main protagonist doesn't shy away when it comes to his harem and the best part is that he goes full Yandere about his girls. -Sadly, there hasn't been any updates from last 2 years. I am really looking forward to the third volume
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Seregosa rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: v2 epilogue
Hmm, I actually went into this and thought that it would be a pretty good novel. I had high expectations and the first few chapters seemed to be nice, although I didn't quite like the stuff about spirits and how the MC was wishy-washy. However, I quickly started to realize that this MC is just another normal japanese MC but with his selfishness and narrow-mindedness turned up through the roof. The MC is essentially just a big, whiny and selfish baby. I wonder how this got such a huge score,... more>> perhaps some people just liked how he was slightly different and not the usual type of MC along with the story premise being unusual? I guess it's also about there only being 2 volumes and that makes it hard for some people to notice the flaws since there isn't enough time to do so.

Let's get started on the negative aspects that honestly made me sick.

First of all, he's extremely indecisive and can't make clear cut choices, mainly because the author isn't keeping his personality consistent. He tries to make the MC appear more likable by having him being indecisive about things but then he just forgets it because it's very clear he wouldn't care after he made his choice.

Then there's the part of him that refuses to kill people and he's acting ridiculously immature here. They're trying to kill you, how about responding properly? This is not our modern day world. An eye for an eye. The author is just kissing up to pacifists because it doesn't fit in at all in this story.

Seriously, he freezes up when the enemy takes their own companion as a hostage, someone who was actively trying to kill the MC just a second ago. Then the author tries to play it off as if the MC is sooo cool because he "doesn't care about someone who tried to kill him even if he won't kill people himself he won't go out of his way to save someone like that" (but he does). Seriously? He even had a "no blood shed" rule when taking revenge/venting anger, so he won't even break some bones or even injure people (do understand that these people tricked his beloved and was going to kill her along with 3000 knights and try to screw over/kill the people of the empire he first appeared at, which obviously includes the girl he was with from the beginning in that world, no matter how despicable the enemy proved to be, he still refused to even scratch them)...

This guy really isn't that different from other cliché japanese protagonists. The author just made him slightly braver, as for attitude and personality, he's the same with some other weird quirks that just serves to make him more unlikable.

As for these special traits, let's quickly cover them and why it just makes things worse rather than improves on the standard formula. It can be summed up in that he's seriously edgy as hell. It's creepy. He's pretty much a male yandere in some ways and not in a good way. This creepiness, edginess and possessive trait is just there for no good reason whatsoever and doesn't fit in well. Seriously, he doesn't seem to love the girls or anyone else, he's just obsessive and possessive as hell and won't hesitate to do anything for his single goal that he pursues like a single-minded zombie, making him quite unlikeable. He's just extremely edgy instead of truly cool like some other novels like WMW and Reverend insanity where the MCs have good reasons for their actions and acts logically instead of for s*upid crap, where the MCs aren't narrowminded and moronic. It's honestly cringeworthy, I think I would've dropped this if there was more than 2 volumes out. He's truly a giant baby that can only think and move for one purpose at a time and will cry loudly and have hysteric fits whenever he doesn't get his way.

he's always making such moronic moves while acting as if he deserves everything good in the world and refusing to accept facts. After selfishly abandoning the girls like garbage and going home, he now regrets it after he fulfilled the only purpose that matter to him at the time, watching his grandma die slowly and then bury her. Well, that sounds more gruesome than it was, but think of it as an affectionate gesture. So, now he wants to go back to being with all of them and can't accept a "no" from the girls, instead chasing them and even almost forcing them into contracting him, he pretty much guilt tripped the second one into a contract and then forced it completely. The first one was more reasonable, but it was all ruined at the end of the volume where we see the MC vowing to himself, as the author tries to make him as edgy as possible with how his eyes darkened and the weird atmosphere and half-insane protagonist stuff, that he would not tolerate the spirits making a contract with someone else and that he would get all of them back into serving beneath him, and he will now go against anyone and everyone. The author managed to make it extra edgy by also making sure that a certain character has the purpose of stabbing him in the back in case he started going out of control, which is someone he trusts by the way, because she knows that he would make edgelords on the internet prostrate in inferiority with his edginess and would go against everyone in the world if need be just to gain possession of the spirits he himself abandoned.

This is where we TRULY start to notice how much of a nutcase the MC actually is and how hard the author is trying to make him out to be cool with an unusual personality, while what he did was actually just creating a male yandere that would do anything, showing how he's mentally unstable.

Well, if that doesn't make you shy down, you will notice even more stuff in volume two, especially around the end. The MC, having no better options, guilt trips the hell out of his previous deity s*ave who doesn't want to make a contract with him because she knows the MC is a weak guy who doesn't have the spirit of a warrior and doesn't care at all about being strong unless he needs it and when he does, he doesn't care, dare or want to be as powerful as he can be. So, he forces her to establish the contract to save some villagers she, without meaning to, almost caused the death of. Well, it doesn't matter, right? Because they will all somehow fall in love with the MC anyway, so who needs proper reasons, right? It's not as if he even loves them, he's acting more like a teenager obsessed with something that he believes is his or wants to be his, like a child throwing a tantrum after not getting that toy he wanted in the store.

So, we get to a part where he hilariously snaps completely because this guy he knows killed someone. The MC went all "why the f*ck did you kill him!?" before swinging his sword at the guy in question. The guy answers that of course he'd kill him, or what, did he need him to interrogate? They're truly scum who deserved it after all. So, the MC says that nooo, why did you kill them, you were part of their group before, how could you do that. The guy asks what the problem is, they were supposed to die anyway. The MC, who obviously hadn't planned on killing them seeing his reaction and actions goes on about how he was planning to kill them and doesn't care (because the author can't help but make him sound as edgy as possible, probably thinking he's truly cool), but why did this guy kill them? They were a part of the same place before after all! So, the guy just says that even if he was a part of that group before, he is no more because they went against his beliefs or whatever, if they're like that (these people were plundering innocent villages, selling s*aves, killing and planning to start a rebellion), they should just die or something like that. This results in the MC snapping completely and going into attack mode because he can't accept that someone doesn't think like him. Even being a baby should have limits...


So, the MC is a hopeless case and extremely unlikable since he has no true consideration for anything, has a one-track mind and is nuts but just in an edgy way. By the way, this guy can't help but blush like hell and become incapable of proper action whenever confronted with erot*c stuff. I mean, which decent man would care to that extent about seeing some women naked? Even more so if the person in question is a modern day man and has a huge stash of porn and is clearly very used to seeing the female body naked. I can't help but look down on him.

All of this along with a basic, uninteresting story made for a really bland read and a lot of irritation. Truly not recommended, never read this, especially since the author doesn't even have the decency of continuing his own novel. <<less
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Oh_itsPj rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: v2 epilogue
Good light novel if you want romcom harem stuff. The MC isnt a total pervert, and acts calmly to ero situations. OP MC, Waifu harem, OP villians...... all in this LN.

Note: Basically it is a harem with girls older than the MC because of time difference. 1 year is 10 years which means 1m and 3 days per year
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Miracle rated it
January 12, 2016
Status: --
So he came back for his girls, repair their relationship. Got a nice redemption attempt, but after the prologue to the 2nd vol. Things escalated real quickly. Very interesting to read
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KISKU rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: --
I really thought it will be good but it just half baked story.

Too boring to read, MC is a yandere, weak, useless, head over heels to deities that they don't give a shit.

They just used him and there he thought he has gotten harem loved by all of characters and

I had high expectations when I read in the beginning but I regretted over this shit
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Liri rated it
August 12, 2016
Status: v2 epilogue
The story is quite good. The prologue starts with the end of a journey. The MC defeated the demon king with the help of 12 goddesses and went back to his world. One year passed and he was summoned back, only to realize that 10 years have passed in the other world and that his abrupt leave had dire consequences. Now his mission is to clean up his mess, meaning he decides to recollect the 12 goddesses. The summary gives the impression that the "hero" is forced to do this.... more>> However, this journey is a decision he made by himself. I like that unlike most characters he follows his own goal instead of just going along with the ride. The MC has a really interesting character. While he is your typical harem guy, with a lovable and all-understanding disposition that enables him to detect the female characters' deepest wish and capture them, there is also a twist in his character. He is pretty yandere, which is very intriguing.

He does not care about the state, the country nor the people, but rather the few individual people around him, in other words just his female companions. This is very irrational, not to mention in some people's view plain insane, especially considering the power he harnesses or is about to possess, when he reaches his goal of completing his 12 goddesses harem.


Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised by the moments of depth within the story, as I had not expected that kind of happening. The relationship, aside from the harem cliches, actually have complex moments and the second volume presents a conflict which is not very light at all. So considering that the translations are few yet, it has a lot of potential. Therefore, definitely worth giving a try. <<less
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Hutterer_Novel-Otaku rated it
April 1, 2016
Status: --
It's alright. The MC is a perverted idiot in the social sense. As for logistics and emergency planning, he is much better. However, I would like to basically see if the guy matures a little more... truly written like a shōnen Harem novel.
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That1guy rated it
March 29, 2016
Status: --

He comes back to fix relationships but with the epilogue shits getting real will his old friend in the military side with him or the empire they serve? Btw knew that guy was another other worlder... And now I bet he is somehow a contractor with one of his goddesses or the others... Arg bastard better not pull off a you don't deserve this power I do cuz I can control it better then you kind of things...


Btw MC is pretty yandere about his goddesses which is pretty new to me and interesting
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byunisperv rated it
November 1, 2015
Status: --
As far as the first arc goes, I see a lot of potential in this LN, it got me hooked. MC try to repair the relationship that he ruined with the 12 goddesses. After MC built a harem, he left the 12 goddesses hanging by abruptly return to his original world without a proper goodbye or explanation, especially after what they had gone thru together fighting the demon king, they deserve better. With a broken heart, they then seek revenge to the whole world.
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ShesATrap rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: v2c3
So this is one of my first reviews first off. So forgive me if ita not expressed well. first off the main character is done really well. He's made to be somewhat stoic and yet have a perverted side to him but not extremely overdone. He seems to hide a bit of a deep dark yandere esque aide to him as well. So far the character feel fleshed out and have their own personalities to an extent beyond their templates. I really think it is a great story with tons... more>> of potential still. one thing that has me slightly on edge about it minor spoiler to relationship of his old partner/person who summoned him

I don't like how in the volume 1 epilogue she talks to her younger sister as becoming his chains and stabbing him in the back and killing him if he goes down the wrong path. I've noticed this trend in novels and it just rubs me the wrong way, cause she's portrayed in front of him as a great friend and supportive and loves him to an extent or hinted at. She also is the one who summoned him. So it just seems two-faced to me. I understand since she summoned him and she needs to take responsibility but don't summon him if you think your gonna have to kill him in first place... like plz

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DevilScarlet rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: v2 prologue
"Look at that guy! That's what will happen to you if you lie to your harem and just think of this another world as a game that you can quit whenever you want"

This novel is good because unlike others, we don't follow the traditional "journey to kill demon lord" stuff. Here, the MC is coming back again in the alternate world to conquer again all his harem.
But he learn that all his girls weren't with him cuz they liked him and that he will need to work hard.

All of... more>> this could have been avoided if he had told them why he wanted to coming back to his own world and if he had cared for them in the first place.

Original story, good action, a bit of politic, cute romance... a pity that it is in hiatus. <<less
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Casul_Reader rated it
February 29, 2016
Status: --
Loved this novel! Since I am a fan of Romance fantasy (Especially harem ones where the MC isn't some Beta f*ck) My opinion maybe a bit biased but still Its a good one! For starters the world building is not really explored upon but even if it slight its still there. The interactions of characters is the main selling point of this (To me anyways lel). Each of them has their own different personality and are not bland at all! Other than that the story is enjoyable, its not slow... more>> it takes it time introducing this and that and doesn't feel rushed. All in all its a great read. <<less
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