The Report the Earth Invasion In-Charge’s Subordinate Sent Is Extremely Strange.


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The report that an alien with the plan of invading Earth had written and a mail a woman had sent to her lover got mixed up and became strange.

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The Mail That My Lover Sent is Strange. (Alternate Story)
The Contents of the Mail that the Earth Invasion In-Charge’s Subordinate Sent are Strange After All. (Sequel)
The Mail The Foreign Student Sent Is Strange! (Sequel)
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12/24/17 Watashi wa Sugoi Desu oneshot
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rllbcheese rated it
December 24, 2017
Status: oneshot
What did I just read?

A computer virus jumbles together the report of an alien investigating earth (for invasion), and a love letter from a lovesick woman whose sweetheart is overseas. The result is rather amusing, a good laugh for a few minutes.

It's a novel premise, but it would be nice if the author had taken it a bit further. As it is, it'll put a smile on your face for a few minutes, and then it just ends, without any elaboration on what happens afterwards. Maybe that's as far as... more>> this concept can be taken, but I would be interested to see where the author could take this. A collection of short stories maybe? <<less
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LazyDays rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: oneshot
What happens when you mix a bloodthirsty military report with a love letter about feelings, cooking and marriage?

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Karumin rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: --
It's hilarious as it is. I don't think it needs more; in fact, I believe that if the author'd deepened the story it would lose it charm.

It gives you enough info to form an ending that reflects the content of the mail, so it has a good ending (based on that). Is still an open ending? Well, yes. So, it is weird? No, it left space to you to picturing it (͡°Ɛ ͡°)

So it's hilarious, and I love it!
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