The Contents of the Mail that the Earth Invasion In-Charge’s Subordinate Sent are Strange After All.


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The letter an alien with a plan of invading Earth sent and the mail a foreign student who’d been to Japan sent to his friend got mixed up and became strange.

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The Mail That My Lover Sent is Strange. (Prequel)
The Report the Earth Invasion In-Charge’s Subordinate Sent Is Extremely Strange. (Prequel)
The Mail The Foreign Student Sent Is Strange! (Alternate Story)
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06/24/18 Watashi wa Sugoi Desu oneshot
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killjase rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: --
I didn't get the joke. I thought the problem was that I had not read the prequel, but I was wrong. Even after reading it, it wasn't that funny. I get where the humour should come from, it's a story of silly misunderstanding. At this point, however, all the humour only come from my imagination of what this story might have been if it had good writing/translation.

Currently, I'm watching at the 6 people who gave 5-star ratings and thinking about how my sense of humour must suck. Last time I... more>> gave 5 stars to 1-shot-story it had top-tier quality and made me shed a tear. Are my standards just that high? <<less
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Renaxan rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: oneshot
Its like a error conversation clip that isnt funny rather than a oneshot, but well.. Story itself about alien who in charge of invasion of earth, send report and due to virus computer which actually mixed his report with earth person message, the message turn strange but still manage to readable and make other person read it misunderstanding.. Just too much coindence at all if we talk about virus so dont get it seriously.

You can try rolling top-backward to real message and mixed message to understanding this. Also its mixed... more>> with other oneshot real message for further curiousity.

I have mixed feeling when read this since I didnt get the joke. <<less
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