The Reincarnation of Fusion Punk


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“I fell into this sh*t world.”

It was difficult to live comfortably in this life.

A reincarnator lands in the world of magic, martial arts, and cyberpunk.

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퓨전펑크의 전생자
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Date Group Release
03/13/24 Word Splut c17
03/04/24 Word Splut c16
03/02/24 Word Splut c15
02/27/24 Word Splut c14
02/27/24 Word Splut c13
02/26/24 Word Splut c12 part2
02/25/24 Word Splut c12 part1
02/25/24 Word Splut c11
02/25/24 Word Splut c10
02/25/24 Word Splut c9
02/24/24 Word Splut c8
02/24/24 Word Splut c7
02/23/24 Word Splut c6
02/23/24 Word Splut c5
02/23/24 Word Splut c4
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