The Reincarnated Mob Viscount: Starting Effort and Unrivaled Power from Age 0 ~ I was reincarnated into a rural noble ridiculed for lacking magic, but became the kingdom’s strongest ‘Curse Word User’ through efforts since infancy.


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When I opened my eyes, I had been reincarnated as a baby from a rural noble family mocked for lacking magical abilities. My name is Rid.

The noble family I was reborn into, the Springfield family, had been in decline for a hundred years, unable to produce individuals with magical talents, earning constant ridicule from other nobles.

However, Rid possessed extraordinarily powerful magic. He worked hard from infancy, gradually gaining control over his magical abilities.

Determined not to let his parents be ridiculed any further, Rid resolved to revive his household through magic.

But his strength as a 【Cursed Spell User】, achieved after rigorous training, was beyond the norm.

“Wait a minute? Isn’t being a Cursed Spell User too strong?”

This is the story of a boy who, in his efforts to save his family home, unexpectedly found himself in an unparalleled state.

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転生モブ子爵の0歳から始める努力&無双 ~魔術が使えないとバカにされる田舎貴族に転生したけど、赤ちゃんの頃から努力したら王国最強の"呪言使い"になった件~
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