The Reincarnated Great Saint Awakening ~When I Woke Up After Continuously Purifying Miasma for 20 Years, I Became The Legendary Great Saint~


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The hero party has defeated the Demon King who threatens the world. However, when the Demon King was about to die, he released a miasma that could destroy the world.

“I won’t let everyone’s hard work go to waste. Even if it costs my life…!”

While everyone is in despair, the Saint Sophia, a member of the hero party, sacrifices herself to stop the demon king’s miasma.

Sophia’s holy magic crystallized and continues to purify the Demon King’s miasma.

People all over the world were grateful and hailed her as a great saint.

As time passes, the Great Saint Sophia, who has purified the Demon King’s miasma, finally awakens.

What awaited her when she woke up was the world twenty years later.

Even though she is surprised that her former companions are now uncles and her juniors are now older than her, will she find peace?

Even so, she lives in the new world.

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Tensei dai seijo no mezame ~ shōki o jōka shi tsudzukeru koto ni jū-nen, okitara densetsu no dai seijo ni nattemashita~
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Date Group Release
06/02/24 L4ST-K c8 part1
01/17/24 L4ST-K c21 part2
01/13/24 L4ST-K c21 part1
01/09/24 L4ST-K c20 part2
01/06/24 L4ST-K c20 part1
12/22/23 L4ST-K c19 part2
12/19/23 L4ST-K c19 part1
12/16/23 L4ST-K c18 part2
12/13/23 L4ST-K c18 part1
12/10/23 L4ST-K c17 part2
12/07/23 L4ST-K c17 part1
12/04/23 L4ST-K c16 part2
12/01/23 L4ST-K c16 part1
11/29/23 L4ST-K c15 part2
11/27/23 L4ST-K c15 part1
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