The Regretful Villainess is Happy Because She Got Divorced


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I’m reincarnated into a tr*shy regret novel. My role is the villainess who secretly loves her husband, the male lead. The shallow wife whose only purpose is to hurt the female lead, a former s*ave.

“You’re not thinking straight, are you?”

I don’t want to be scorned by a cheating husband who says things like.

“I want a divorce.”

I decided to escape, and now I could start my own business, make a fortune, and live happily ever after.

But as I was living a comfortable life with my newly acquired wealth after the divorce, I heard news that my ex-husband abandoned the female lead.

Well, honestly, I guess it’s none of my business?

“Let’s get back together; it was my fault.”

No, what exactly is he doing?


There’s something off about the guy I picked up and used as a bodyguard. Is he really the second lead in this stroy?

“I heard about you. You said you were playing around with this guy and that guy.”

Well, those are the stories of the previous owner of this body, not mine…….

Well, no way. Is this the repertoire for going to the female lead after saying you were disappointed?

“Why? Are you disappointed and disgusted after hearing the rumors?”

However, he shook his head and rested his cheek on my palm.

“No. I’m just curious why you’re not playing with me….”

… … huh?
What is he talking about?

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