The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion


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Poisoned to death by her own betrothed?! Eunha didn’t wake up in a novel’s story just to get killed off again as an unfortunate extra! To change her story she needs a cover… 6 months pretending to be the fake fiancée of the novel’s male protagonist, Duke Noah Wynknight. But will this cold-hearted, angel-faced demon of a man really help her avoid another ill-fated ending?!

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그녀가 공작저로 가야 했던 사정
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LNikt rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: prologue
I read a manhwa and it was masterpiece. Well it's not like this story is so unique and doesn't have a cliche. But I clearly remember all characters even far side what means that they have a good backstory and unique, interesting personality each of them. I love FL and ML anf their interaction and relationship. They're my favourite couple and their relationship is really good. EVen if they didn't love each other from the beggining they gradually develop felling of love to each other and it was so naturally... more>> and cute and logical and interesting so I love them so much, really. Plot twist is also interesting part, but I glad that even there was some true twists and main problems of story (like who is exactly Beatrice) plot is more stright and I like it.

And I want to say that tonight came out last side story (11 side story to be more presice). And I have compicated feelings of happiness and sadness at the same time. But I'm glad that I was in this journey with Rae and Noah and Adam and Heika and others

If there would be novel traslation with a lot chapters then I will be glad to read them. <<less
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soysuva rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Idk, but I might be one of the few who dislike how the plot turned out.

At first I liked the FL, but after reading further about why she ended up there and the world being set up for her. I sort of started hating the "goddess" or the author of this world when I saw the POV's of the side characters who became cannon fodders for the FL. I actually felt sorry for original Rae, as she was a pawn used by the goddess to play around with. She was basically a puppet! Every character became a puppet for this so called "goddess" to be manipulated. The only reason FL was able to change the plot was because she "killed" the soul that the author wanted kill off. Making og Rae a villianess cannon fodder for FL as a stepping stone for her "happily ever after". And I hated that, because it was done at the cost of someones life for that ending. The goddess is corrupted and never got consequences for manipulating souls into a sick game for entertainment. I just couldn't fathom how FL didn't see that and was blaming og Rae for wanting to live, knowing one of them had to die because both souls couldn't exist in the same world. She was a hypocrite. She said og Rae could change her life, but that was a lie. Because the author/goddess already planned to kill her (og rae) off no matter what ending she chose. Also if she (FL) really thought og rae in Beatrice body could change her life, she shouldn't have killed her off like that. It made her a hypocrite! But she did because she knew about the souls and wanted to live as well. In a way, she was also selfish like og Rae who wanted to live as well. But the story was built for Beatrice the transmigator (FL) no matter what, so og Rae would have died anyways. Sad... FL plot armor was really strong, not gonna lie. When the actions she made through out the story may have been a bit different than some isekai plots, I was still getting Mary Sue vibes from her.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Asphyxia778 rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: --
I've read the manhwa and this was good but the ending was rushed. I also didn't like how the antagonist was handled. The plot definitely become hard to like by the end so I rate this a bit lower.

The highlight definitely has to be MC's interaction with the Duke. Their banter is funny and I really liked their relationship.

2 stars (could have been higher if the plot was handled better)
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
astraxzz rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: Completed
one of the first things I read when getting into web novels and manhwa and it will forever be one of my favourites. This story holds a special place in my heart no matter if its not something extraordinarily different from isekais and the relationship with rae and noah is something I will eternally be jealous of.

ladies and gentlemen, get yourself a man like noah.
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chande rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: Completed
At the beginning, I really enjoyed this story. I love seeing battle of wits between FL and ML and often laughed because of their interaction. The mystery was also enough to make me get hook till the end.

But I don't like how the story concluded. I feel sad about the org Beatrice because she just vanished without any explanation where she ended up at. I also feel sad about the org Raeliana who desperately wanted to change her destiny.

... more>>

But she shouldn't steal Beatrice's body to change her life and she shouldn't kill other people.


Vivian was also a pitiful one although she's a bit unlikable.

In the other words, I hate the ending even though it's a happy ending between ML and FL because their happiness was at the cost of so many other cannon fodder's life. <<less
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madawy rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: --
3.5/5 for me. I read the manhwa and it was very good until the ending. I felt like the ending is kinda rushed especially with

the confrontation with beatrice (og raeliana) and the motives behind the goddess and how she got away with it. I think beatrice should have appeared earlier in the story and her motive should have been deemed not as evil as raeliana thinks it is especially since raeliana did the same thing

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miamidori rated it
January 6, 2024
Status: --
Start with typical reincarnation story.. I read the novel after I read the manhwa (or comic) since 2017-2018, and it kind of start of the reincarnation era for me since this book was the second book I read about reincarnation story, and the first book that show the FL (female lead) was neither main protagonist or villainess in the reincarnation world. How FL tried to survive with her knowledge about the world, how FL fall in love with the ML (male lead), how FL tried to not change the course... more>> of the story and how FL tried to survive in every challenge with ML. Their love melt my heart. AND this book will be reread by me again and again. <<less
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September 13, 2022
Status: --
This series is getting animated and has a manhwa. Long but good. I really like the dynamic between the FL and the ML.
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January 13, 2022
Status: c155
Despite its shortcomings I LOVED this manhwa. Especially the interactions between the protagonist female lead and male lead.

Now I will write about my feelings regarding the ending. So spoiler alert starts now!!!!!... more>>

I will be honest I did not guess the plot twist. The OG rae being in Beatrice's body was extremely unexpected. In fact I would have preferred the cliche route of Rae 's soul transferring to the modern world. Like a soul/body exchange. It would have been predictable and cliche but a happy ending nonetheless. As other reviewers mentioned, I truly feel sorry for og Rae. She was just a fodder, a plaything of the Goddess' whims. Not gonna lie I do not have any sympathy for OG Beatrice (even though I should because she was betrayed by OG Rae). Eunha got Raelianna's body. I did not understand what happened to Beatrice's og soul? Did she die? I didn't understand that particular part. I can accept most bits. BUT I did not like how Vivian's mu*der case was resolved. All evidence pointed towards Rae as mu*derer. I don't think High Priest's testimony of the handwriting belonging to Beatrice should have sufficed. Moreover Raelianna killed Beatrice so that makes Rae more of a mu*derer. I would have preferred if Beatrice went batsh*t crazy & committed su*cide. Sigh! I can't believe that Vivian's mu*der was not resolved properly. Now onto my smaller desires, I was shipping the King and Countess so hard but of course as the King mentioned, marriage for him is just a job. Why was Soroso contacting a black magician? What was she planning? <<less
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