The Queen Who Deserves To Be Tainted.


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“What do you think would happen if we were to have a child, My Queen?”

The king asked, looking at his queen after an unexpected question.

“You claimed I was infertile. Is that truly possible?”

“…I’m just saying if it were to happen.”

“Such a thing will probably never happen.”

He chuckled, thinking of the tea he drank every day.

“Do you think I would allow the blood of a mere barbarian to inherit my throne?”

Gazing into the king’s icy eyes, she realized he was no longer the king who once cherished her. The child growing within her would never be embraced. Naturally, her value to him would diminish once she became pregnant.

“…Indeed, it is inconceivable.”

And so, she saw no reason to remain by his side any longer.

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더럽혀 마땅할
더럽혀 마땅할 왕비여
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