The Peaceful Life Of A Maid Who Hides Her Power And Enjoys It


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The Hero Andert.

A great swordsman who ended the great war by sacrificing himself.

One of the rare heroes…

But he was actually a woman disguised as her dead younger brother.

That was me.



Did I just come back to life four years after my death? All I had was my body, so there was only one way to survive.

Becoming a maid.

“You’ve never worked as a maid before this, so what have you been doing all this time?”


“What motivated you to apply for this job?”


“What kind of mansion would you like to work in?”

“A mansion that is so hard to work in and so nasty that we don’t even know if it’ll be cleaned if we both work and die.”

“What kind of employer do you want?”

“A vicious employer that terrorizes their employees.”

That way I won’t get laid off since I’m the only one you can work with.


The interviewer looked at me like I was crazy.

Here, I will start anew.

Not as the Hero Andert or my deceased little brother.

But as the maid Daisy.

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The peaceful life of a maid who hides and enjoys her power
힘을 숨기고 즐기는 평화로운 하녀 생활
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New Arpita1998 rated it
May 23, 2024
Status: compeleted
This is one of my favorite novels that I have read till now. The story is very interesting, thrilling and engaging. The story is designed very intricately. Each and every event were linked to each other. The author did a great job in writing the novel. I loved all the characters in the novel. Especially, the ML and FL are very humorous and funny. I had quite fun while reading it. All in all it's a must read novel.
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New vytas0210 rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: side story 7
Read it!

The only thing you need to know is - MC is taciturn, absence minded, tomboy who is quick to throw her hands! The way she navigates through well established mystery of the story is hilarious!
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KindapitiedMielle rated it
December 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I have to say that if you don't read this story at least once, you've missed out. At least give it a try.

The humour, the fighting, the angst and the romance, it's all top-tier. Daisy and Rue are so so lovable, they really are, and people who find Rue annoying or manipulating are either projecting or didn't understand the story, in my humble opinion. The worst thing Rue might have done to Daisy is insult her potato-peeling skills, I think. He's witty, sharp, but never disrespectful. He's the most respectful... more>> yet crazy and witty man I've seen. And no, Rue is not Mephisto, lol.

Now for more on their relationship:


Rue gave her a love unlike any I've seen before; one that didn't require anything in return. I've never seen someone be so whipped for and in love with someone. His love for her and her love for him is so genuine and real that you can feel it through the screen. He also watched over her for 14 years after their first meeting to keep their promise, and never intervened or pushed himself into her life and goal, and only ever became a part of it after the war ended and he found her as he first did. I can't even imagine what Rue must've felt after Daisy's death with Mephisto the first time; the author spared us his pov in that timeline and honestly it might've been for the best because I know I wouldn't have been able to handle it. How do I even describe it? This man loves her. He's madly in love with her. This is the first story that has made me think 'will I ever get to experience a love like that?' and I've read a bazillion romance stories. And there are so many small things he's done throughout the story that just make you melt. He learned cooking for her, she sucks at it. He told her not to fall in love with him bc she'll regret it, but he was actually just repeating what she said to him during their time on Queen Island. Daisy feels so comfortable around Rue. Even before remembering her memories, this man made her comfortable around him - her, a war hero who had problems sleeping because she was used to keeping up for ambushes. There's tension, fluff, and adorable, adorable romance. Rue slanderers did not read the story. I can confidently say he did nothing that would ever need someone to defend him.

One of my favorite lines of Rue's when he was asked about Daisy as Andert is: I'm a pretty die-hard fan myself.

and Daisy. My favorite, most lovable female lead. She deserved the love Rue gave her, and I love a male lead that is whipped for the female lead, but I also love love love a woman who's whipped for her man. Daisy fell SO HARD. And it was so natural and so adorable and so lovely assdfsdfk.


For a more coherent review, I'll just leave this one line here:

This story is for the oldest daughters who never had anyone to truly rely on. Rue became that someone for Daisy, and in the most realistic way possible. And this might also be a bit of a spoiler but,


If you want a realistic portrayal for how siblings are in a novel, this is the right place. Personally I expected Andert to be the sweet younger brother you often see in k-novels, so when we found out he was the typical annoying younger sibling, it made his relationship with Daisy feel that much more real. And Daisy proves to be a true older sister - her way of showing her sisterly love is bullying.


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Starlight97 rated it
August 23, 2023
Status: Completed
I can give this novel more than 5 stars.. It deserves all the stars.

It's the most crazy, funny, emotional well written novel I have read. You can feel all the emotions as you read this awesome piece of literature.

The FL is naive but such a badass. She draws the most crazy conclusion in her mind. She is attractive, strong has ptsd but she is not helpless. She has the power to turn around the situation and she's materialistic. She doesn't want to loose the maid's job man.

The ML Rue... more>> is a piece of art. He is an overpowered character but he's crazy as he's in love with our FL in the end. ML is the calepa. Like he is in the highest position as pope in rogue.

The helpers in the viscount mansion are all top notch and crazy. I really like the character of assasin butler and all other not so powerful assassin working now as maids.. Lol

10/10 <<less
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astraxzz rated it
December 27, 2022
Status: c6
(meant to click 5 stars, a placeholder review for now)

i really like this story so far! The plot is something I dont come across often (but am wildly obsessed with). I like how the main character is sharp, and im reallyy interested in the character Rue who has appeared, im looking forward to reading how this story progresses with you translator-nim~ I am stalking for updates and officially this stories #1 fan! Thank you for the fast updates!
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lilitil rated it
August 27, 2023
Status: c195
Two words: it's great.

In more: the story is really well thought out until this moment, and it seems it will continue to be this way.
Our MC, Daisy, is lovable since the first chapter, and if not lovable, very interesting. She just draws you in the story, and her bluntness/ unpredictability just makes her better. We can see that she is growing, and getting used to her new life as a maid. As well as accepting and getting over her life before she did. While I'm on that subject, her trauma? It's real. They don't gloss over it, they acknowledge it as a part of her which also makes this a great read.

Rue (most likely the ML) is what I would call a lovable bastard. He's VERY suspicious, especially at the beginning, we've gotten to know more about him, but he's still got some more to hide. I really like how he's just supported our MC in spite of her (justified) suspicions and hostility towards him. Also his wittiness, which couuuuuld be a tad bit frustrating when you are Daisy, but honestly? It gives him so much character, and it's that much easier to tell when he's serious about things too.

Also, the translator has done great with it, so yeah. I really recommend you at least try it, again it's great.

UPDATE: Yeah, after finishing it, absolutely recommend it. It is a genuinely thought out story, filled with mysteries and engaging storytelling, where everyone has their own little place and effect on the plot, characters are interesting to read about, the development is peak, and the relationship between the leads is done so well, I adore them.
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kookerist rated it
February 3, 2023
Status: c12
I don't know why the hell people are giving 1 star to a novel that (so far) only has 12 chapters, but is already so promising. There's suspense and mystery, which has me looking forward to the chapters to come, and there's a pretty, overpowered FL who not only has the brawns, but also the brains. Side characters and ML also seems to have some depth and lore to them instead of existing for the sole purpose of making FL shine.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
En-Jay99 rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: c195
A fun novel. It moves a little slow at times but it’s bearable. However, the last 50 or so chapters completely make up for the slow pace wow.
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Tastastix rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a solid webnovel, a little fast-paced, but doesn't detract from the quality. Good characters, good plot, good world-building, good translation.

Only gripe is that the emotional parts didn't have enough time to really marinate for me. The funny parts are really funny imo, but the angsty/dramatic bits were a bit hasty amd vague. Not enough time for the gut punch to really land deep enough to do any real damage

The in-universe deification process was a little convoluted to me; it made sense until it didn't, but a deep understanding of... more>> it isn't necessary to understand or enjoy the story

Overall, giving it a 4.3/5, evening out to a 4/5 cuz wow that translation and those notes seemed tough. I probably won't re-read cuz the only real stand-outs for me were the humor, FL, ML, and their sweet, mutually kinda yandere, romance <<less
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Ciel.evangeline rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: Completed
Actually, this is my first novel that move my heart to leave a review. I've never have the urge to write some recommendation because most of it I read them just for fun.

This novel is not an ordinary 'body possession'. It has time travel element but not the truck-kun typical story. It's not a predictable one. You'll be surprised each time you read the next chapter. The MC and ML love story and journey is really befitting 'A Thousand Years-Christina Perri' song, as this song is about an exploration of... more>> the depths of human emotion. It's about the joy and pain of loving someone so deeply that the boundaries of time become meaningless.

I like it that this is more than a typical romance but has some seasoning in it such as family bond, mourns, guilt, forgiveness, character development as you become older, sacrifices, bravery, friendship, responsibility, trust, doubts, the essence of life, and overcoming your tasks/problems/traumas. This novel will sway your judgment about this and that. I've never felt this way while reading a novel. A lot of suprises, traps, pranks, and heartwarming scenes from the author. The author is truly a genius.


If you like Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji's unordinary servants and story line, I bet you will like this one. It has OP guardians, assassins, survivors, unconditional love, unexpected friendships, etc. The difference is the MC is the mixed of Elizabeth and Ciel Phantomhive, or I thought so hehe. The ML is just like Sebastian, he will always be the MC side and love her unconditionally, you will love him despite his rude (?) mouth and indifferent attitude haha. I find him as the most adorable and admirable person in this novel.


It has a slightly yuri and yaoi route due to the MC appearance, but the actual story is the straight one between a man and a woman. The author seems like want to emphasize that love is love, whether you change your appearance or not, I'll definitely find you and recognize you as my other half.. Even if I forget about you, I will love you again.

There are a lot of high quality bachelors in this novel. If this novel ever get a manhwa adaptation, I wish Spoon or I became the wife of the male lead's Illustrator that do the work. Rue would look divine in his black night gown in their art style...*cough* sorry.

Give it a try. You will be swayed by the story. You'll be able to feel the sea breeze, the helplessness, the fluffs, and finally find yourself imagining things haha. <<less
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Nanozii rated it
February 28, 2024
Status: Completed
Absolutely fabulous

if you are bored of dimwit main characters that have no essence and female leads that have the personality of a moth then you found the right novel !

our female lead is the embodiment of main character energy and her character development is immaculate!!

... more>> i can write poetry about the male lead at this point because he is chef’s kiss 😂🫰🏻

i don’t like extremely righteous characters until they sound idiotic so the morally grey element in the story was very realistic because lets be honest here nobody is right all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️

finally I can’t thank the translator enough for this gift and the work was top notch with the funny notes at the end 🤍🤍

enjooyyyyy 🫡❤️ <<less
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Chillungs rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: c195
WARNING: Beautiful Novel!!

It was messy and then it suddenly fits like a puzzle piece. Many philosophical words and perspective. Characters that are on the black and white. They are imperfect and unpredictable actions is what makes this novel fun. Haaaaah... I shall now cry within the void
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Tras rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Really don't know how to score this one. It was never bad and at times even great but the ending of things just didn't answer the questions I had, while answering a whole lot I didn't ask for. It felt rather like a side story than a final arc of the story. Also wish the romance/future was expanded a bit more than practically "and they lived happily ever after".

It's like a Whodunit but without a who. So much just turned out to be nothing, but others don't seem to be... more>> of the same opinion so maybe I fell asleep and missed a chapter.

What I especially wanted expanded though was the political intrigue and conspiracies that were set up and then promptly ignored. Like

the Sword master turned out to be just an oddball old man with psychotic tendencies but actually a good guy? Mephisto is just some random crazy disciple of Dian? Natasha's corruption is healed out of screen and I guess she's a doll now?? The king is just "Oh and then Rue came and kicked his ass because of jealousy"-ed away and he actually never really wanted power? It annoyed me that the intervention everyone had with Daisy, which to me seemed extremely s*upid and dangerous, turned out to be completely correct in the story universe and for almost no other reason than pure luck.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
thefabulouspotato rated it
December 13, 2023
Status: c195
I love this so much. What pulled me in to read this is because I love maids (fr). And I stayed because of the characters and plot. This is not one of those novels that only focuses on romace; the novel's plot is really well thought of. But the romance itself is top tier imo.

So far, after completing the main chapters, I didn't find any plot holes left unanswered (omg??? but some characters do remain mysterious). Everything slowly starts to make sense the further the story goes. However, this novel... more>> delves deeply into the concept of time and magic, so it could get a bit challenging to understand. I binged read this from start to finish when it was already marked as completed, so it was not a big problem to me since my brain retained the fresh information lmao.

Now. The love interests. Despite Daisy, the MC, having a lot of uh, fans (?) the romance development only focused on the one true ML (which is great!).


Rue. At first, I thought Raphael was the ML because that's how it usually goes. And I'm team Rue all the way, no second male lead syndrom from me. After all, despite the other LIs clear interest/obsession with Daisy, I couldnt confirm if they really 'like' her as a romantic partner... except princess Natasha. She's down bad for Daisy and that is completely valid.


Also, idk if anyone cares, but I truly find it refreshing how the novel handles the concept of romance between certain genders. Idk how to say it. Like despite what the characters body looks like, they still like each other for who they are!

Read this if you love witty banter and enemies to lovers (not really enemies but Daisy really dislike the ML at first lmao). The ML is mysterious, shameless, carefree, and funny lol. He really complements the muscle head MC lol. The conversation between all characters are witty and hillarious imo. Please give this a try!

Lastly, I believe I wouldn't have enjoyed this novel as much as I did if it weren't for the translator. The translation quality is great and they even provided explanations and notes to help the reader's underdstanding. I like to read their comments as well because seeing the translator love the novel they work on is enjoyable to readers too. Hopefully I get to read the side stories too! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
eze rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: c195
It was a wonderfull story both the romance, action, mistery and comedy was well done. Honestly its nice to see something unique like the romance it has and I laughted a lot with the MC inner thoughts.

Its one of those rare strong female MC but with a backbone even against the ML so I really recommend it fot those that are more tired of reading always the same plots !
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Meldwitch rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: c195
So I don’t know how to start this review but I’m just going to tell you to read it. I got called from the cover but I stayed because of the story and the lovely translator.
Sadly, I finished all the story and if I could read it for the first time again I would, again and again. For me this was a ten out of ten, and I’ll reread it as many times as I can so I can give life to Daisy again.
I’m sad that it ended but happy that it started, for novels like this is that I keep on going. Thank you to the author and the translator that allowed me to enjoy it.
See you in the next one!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Basegerss rated it
November 30, 2023
Status: Completed
10 stars out of 5
First of all, I want to congratulate Ami on completing the translation of this story. Guys, you should start reading at least for the sake of translation. It's perfect. The translator literally loved this story and tried to convey all the nuances from the original language.
But I wouldn't write this review if the translation was the only good part of this story.
This story is truly beautiful. At the beginning it develops slowly, but in the end it is so fast that you don’t have time to catch your breath. There will be no s*x scenes on every page, there will be no s*upid showdowns between ladies of high society, no a million misunderstandings and no a harem of a thousand sub-male leads. But the author touches on such topics as true friendship, duty, PTSD, love through the ages, deep relationships within the family. And the author manages to really explore these themes through the stories of his characters. You will cry and laugh with them. All the characters here are 'alive' and important, by the end of the story I realized that I love them all.
And of course, most of all I love Daisy and Rue. They made a wonderful couple. My only regret is that our journey together ended so soon. I don’t like stories where they describe right before the birth of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but in this story I would like to observe the lives of the characters longer...
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SoulineMist rated it
April 15, 2024
Status: Completed
This was a good novel. I love that I don't know how the story is gonna unfold and the various twists this novel has. The ML is a bit of a yandere but is sweet and powerful, while Daisy is a strong and independent woman who just wants to live her life as a maid even though in the end she didn't end as one lol. I love the world building of this story and I wish there were more side stories about what happened to them. Did they have... more>> a baby? Details about the marriage?? Etc. Nevertheless I enjoyed reading this 🙇🏼‍♀️ 😍 <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lepidolite_kitty rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: ss1
I read the whole thing. No, DEVOURED. What can I say? BEST EVER!! I want to erase my memory so I can rr it immediately. I’m so so so in love with every single character... The perfect mixed of comedy, fluff, angst, yandere tendencies, and fixing the world via violence. The chapter where FL had PTSD flashbacks from the war LITERALLY had me crying. This book conveyed emotions I didn’t even know could be felt. I think I have a better understanding of human nature now. I would give this... more>> infinite stars if I could.
..... although I would replace “peaceful life” with “chaotic s*upid shenanigans” in the title..... <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Alphatier rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: Completed
First things first. This is a novel that should be read, easily among the top 20 on NU.

At times a bit fast paced, however on the flipside, not unnecessarily stretched.

It is frankly remarkable how the pieces start falling into place in the last 50 chapters. Pieces, I thought were irrelevant to the plot. They weren't.

While I personally took longer for the angsty bits to resonate with me, boy did they hit hard in the end.

The translation is basically flawless and brilliant.

Tldr. Read it, you will not be disappointed.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Marwiwa rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: --
Read this novel in 3 days and missing it already. I just loved everything about it. There isn't a nitpick of how I thought this piece of art could be improved upon. I loved the plot, especially the foreshadowing and surprises that would eventually be found the more you delve deeper into the story. I feel like the translation was quite literally flawless and could not have been done better. Seriously. There were times when I laughed, times where I cried. I felt anxious at times, surprised at times, even... more>> confused at times. But one thing I never felt was bored from this plot. Definitely read this book!!!! I wish I had discovered it sooner so I could follow the journey with the translator and many other readers, but I am glad to have found it and enjoyed, although in a much shorter span. 10/10 <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ireadtoomuch rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: Completed
I picked up this novel partially because it was fully translated and partially because the summary sounded amusing. While humor was a large part of this novel, mystery played a deep role as well. Quite often I read novels and I can see where things are going and while I still enjoy them, it can get a little old. This novel kept tossing surprises at me and I love it. I LOVE when there are little Easter eggs hidden in the story that you only realize on a second read... more>> or reflecting on past chapters.

I quite enjoyed it and the translation was quite lovingly done. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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