The Path of the Sage


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This is a world where intellectuals wield the power of heaven and earth. With literary talent, poetry can defeat enemies, lyrics can destroy armies, and articles can stabilize the world. The scholar writes on paper, discussing military strategy; the jinshi kills enemies with words, and the jinshi’s fury can pierce like a sword. When the sage arrives, he can censure with his mouth and criticize with his pen, punishing individuals and even the emperor for wrongdoing, single-handedly opposing entire nations.

At this time, the holy academy controls the literary field, while the monarchs hold official positions. Ten kingdoms fight for supremacy, while barbarians and demons create chaos. In this era, there are no flourishing Tang poems, no magnificent Song lyrics, and no new innovative literature.

A young man from a humble background, who was once beaten and left for dead, carries on the legacy of classic poetry and literature, and embarks on the path of becoming a sage.

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