The Nth Day of Being Able to Read Minds


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Tao Ran has a nemesis named Jiang Yu Heng.

Excellent grades, dashingly handsome, well-mannered and president of the student council. The typical perfect child that parents tend to compare their own children to.

He’s well-loved by everyone around them, except Tao Ran.

On one random night, Tao Ran was bickering with his nemesis slash roommate like usual.

Just a second ago, the atmosphere was so tense that Tao Ran stomped his feet in anger.

But the next second, his nemesis went: ‘So cute. How is he still so cute even when he’s mad.’

Tao Ran: “?”

Jiang Yu Heng looked unfazed, tilting his head to look at him, “What’s wrong?”

Tao Ran thought he was hearing things.

But ever since then, similar situations kept happening repeatedly. Tao Ran finally realized that it was real, and not his imagination —— he can read minds now. And somehow, it only worked on Jiang Yu Heng.

He gradually noticed that their relationship wasn’t quite the same as what he thought, mutually hating every moment they crossed paths. Well, he did hate it, but that wasn’t the case for Jiang Yu Heng.

As a result of being locked in the dorms, Tao Ran had to spend a long time with Jiang Yu Heng in the same room.

Jiang Yu Heng: ‘His mouth looks so soft, I want to kiss it.’

Jiang Yu Heng: ‘His waist is so thin, I want to hold it.’

Jiang Yu Heng: ‘If only I can **** (censored) him for a whole night…’

Tao Ran, who felt like crying already: ‘I will never swear at another person ever again!! Why did you really turn out to be a pe*vert just because I’ve been cussing you as one——!’

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