The Novelist Forced to Become Famous


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Jianjing was reborn into a parallel world and became a genius novelist.

Or rather, the soon-to-be deceased young genius novelist…

[System Warning]: You committed su*cide, estimated time of death in 10 minutes.

[Mandatory Mission]: Escape from the enclosed room.

[Reward and Punishment]: Successful escape means the author continues the story, failure means the story is abandoned.

Jianjing: WTF?!

System: This is just the beginning, face the storm ahead!

Jianjing’s view of herself: An ordinary bestselling novelist.

Others’ view of her: “Novelist Detective”, “Honorable Citizen for Bravery and Justice”, “Police Consultant”, “Surprise Guest for Horror House Shows”, “Human Representative Against Unknown Creatures”…

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New Blithe rated it
December 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I've read hundreds of novels from novel updates. Every now and then I find a novel that matches my taste so perfectly I'm willing to halt my everyday life just to finish it. This is one such novel.

I savoured every moment I spent on this novel so much I wish I could forget this novel so that I can experience this novel all over again.

Our MC is extremely smart and versatile. She maybe OP but I appreciate that she can catch criminals without worrying about her physical deficiencies. If you... more>> don't get this already, yes, I absolutely LOVE her.

The romance in this novel is only insinuated which I appreciate.

It is implied that she likes the cop but they never confess their feelings directly to each other.


Every other side character in this novel is written so well. So is the plot. Every time she comes across a crime scene/ mystery, the novel keeps the reader guessing as to who actually is the criminal. I also like the fact that this novel doesn't follow just one route. Like in one arc MC will be solving a mu*der, another time she will be at a investigative variety show, another time she maybe trying to save people from a fire, etc. This made the novel less boring.

Brief synopsis

Jian Jing wakes up in her own body but in a parallel world where she is a novelist. She is tied to a system which gives cards everytime she succeeds in completing a mission it gives out. She can use them to improve her strength for example. Her missions mainly include finding who the mu*derer is from a group of people. Sometimes she has to escape from dangerous situations too. There is a touch of fantasy elements well. She has to do all this and also write her novel (s) before the deadline.


There is quite a lot of guys who likes her but it is suggested that she treats one if them a little different from the rest. My favourite character is Jiang Baiyan though. He is such a cutie.

Anyway 100% recommend. <<less
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Helterskelter rated it
August 9, 2023
Status: c20
I like this so far. It has interesting mu*der mysteries.

This time, the system is sent to help out poor FL who has transported to a world where physical books are a medium as cutthroat and as prestigious as the world of Hollywood, (bookstores are still open, web novels never took off, and authors are superstar celebrities), that also happens to have a ludicrously high crime rate. (Half of all the news are mu*ders robberies, etc)

This makes it a perfect dimension for whacky mu*der mystery stories to take place.
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makenai89 rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: --
It's sooo good. I really recommend it for fans of detective stories.

It is not pure reasoning, because there are also supernatural phenomena. However, we can still think of some logic behind them --and so, not purely supernatural either. In short, it's interesting.

The cases are tricky. The characters are well-developed. The pace and plot are well-written.

However, I would suggest anyone who read it through MTL to beware of misleading translation. I suspect MTL misled one of the previous reviewers, because the story did not go the way he/she said it did.

... more>>

Case in point, Jiang Baiyan. He did not really betray the MC. He only pretended, in cooperation with MC, to trap the culprit.


Everything ends in (almost) a full circle, except for two big holes. If you are looking for these, you won't find it:

    1. The mysterious system: We don't know where it comes from, why it appears, and so on.
    2. The male lead: There are several prime candidates, but MC never show clear romantic intent for a certain individual. She married mysteries, literally.
Any potential readers should note that this is not a romance novel. Please look elsewhere if you want ships that sail successfully. <<less
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asyx rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: c426
This was such fun read. The biggest draw to this story is the interesting cases and the heroine (Jian Jing's) characterization. It does require some suspension of disbelief since the system is never fully fleshed out, but I ate it all up. In fact, I read all the available english translations and then hopped on a chinese audiobook app and listened to the rest. I then MTLed the extra chapters.

There is no main couple, but every character is written with care. Even the side characters in various cases have fleshed... more>> out, logical personalities, so the story truly feels like it takes place in an actual world. There's no preaching about morality anywhere. The MC recognizes the reason she likes solving cases, and it's not for the "greater good". She transforms from the initial hesitant, slightly scared forced participant in mystery mu*der cases to an eager detective who seeks out chances to be a good samaritan. A pretty memorable scene that marks the transition of the MC's mindset is:


Ji Feng is leaving her car, heading back to the police station after they grab dinner, and tells her:

"You have a sense of justice and you're capable. More importantly, you don't dislike solving cases, " the young, handsome officer stood in the night breeze. Leisurely, he said, "Once at the hospital, once at school, once at the bookstore. In the future, you'll have a next time and a time after that."

"We're the same kind of person. You're already enjoying the process."


I'm giving this a 5/5 for entertainment value. I would say the cases don't lose out to "worlds" in quick transmigration stories or "scenarios" in escape game. There's a pretty realistic take on relationships in this webnovel. There are mentions of cheating, sleeping without strings attached, friends with benefits, arranged marriages that are loveless, etc. (Always other characters, not our main lead). Hence, I think the author's perspective of leaving the main character's love life not directly addressed and up to reader's imagination is pretty well done.

If there were pairings, the potential ones are (character background spoilers!) :


Jian Jing x Ji Feng

I LOVE these two. They are like two sides of the same coin. They banter a lot, but understand each other's drives and motivations the best. Jian Jing frequently bullies the police officer, but he often deserves it, and I feel like she's the most childish around him. He's a genius police officer that works 370/365 days a year. His dad was a police officer and his mother remarried and died from cancer. He basically raised his younger sister, and honestly main goal of living is to find his dad's mu*derer and to ensure his sister's wellbeing. He works so much so that in case he dies from a case, he can have a house and savings for his sister to inherit. I love love love this man. He definitely likes the MC but he will never ever admit it


not even when he's about to die


. He says in the story that he doesn't intend on marrying because the nature of his work means he can die at any time. He alludes to the fact that since MC is a super rich super famous author, there's plenty of people that would line up to chase her when people joke with him about them getting together. I think he feels that there's better options for her out there. Options that won't potentially die at anytime, can give her happiness, money, and more. Thus, why try? TBH super pragmatic, but sad. My OTP of the year but the author will never fulfill thissss

Jian Jing x Jiang BaiYan

Jiang BaiYan is our MC's number one book reader fan, and acts as the Lead Male Actor in multiple of her works made into movies. The original (pre-transmigration) Jian Jing saved his life when he was little, so she has a special place in his heart. The actual MC is good friends with him, and he definitely would take their relationship to the next step is she let him, but he would never make her feel uncomfortable. He has a darker/manipulative side that's hard for people to perceive. I noticed in other comments that people interpreted his actions in the arc where she confronts her kidnapper/parent's mu*derer as he betrayed Jian Jing. However, I disagree. I think he did that in order to help her fulfill her goals. I honestly really like this character since he's nuanced and well done. I personally don't think MC can see him as anything but a cute younger brother figure.

Jian Jing x Kang MuCheng

Tyrant Boss x Spoiled Princess LOL. Kang MuCheng is Jian Jing's benefactor and boss. He recognized her potential as a writer and propelled her to success. He's attentive to all her needs and puts her as a priority. If he didn't ask her later in the story to call him by his name and not just "Kang Zhong" (or Boss/CEO Kang), I would say that romance between them is impossible! I think him and Jian Jing will be each other's most special person forever but not necessarily as romantic partners. He basically was a parental/guardian figure after MC's parents were mu*dered. I am more worried that Kang MuCheng's care for Jian Jing won't cause his future wife to hate her and resort to mu*der/felonies considering the crime rate of this world.

Jian Jing x Zhong Ye

This guy is like a potential wild, sexy fling. He's some government spy/agent. Very dashing figure but doesn't have much screen time. Him and Jian Jing work well together, but ultimately he's always going to be a sporadic existence.

Jian Jing x Xie Wei

Xie Wei is the only guy that Jian Jing kisses in the story! He has a tragic career, but a presence that draws attention. The author is honestly great at making characters feel charismatic. I don't think he was present enough for me to care that much for him though. He's not as interesting as the other 4.


Ultimately, I think the story has more potential. There are many loose ends not addressed. Jian Jing herself even states that there's no way she has a system that wants nothing from her, which hints that there's more to it than it seems. However, why she has a system still isn't resolved. I also was a little disappointed in some cases that were blatantly supernatural since it feels a little lazy to me. I also think the characters have so much potential for more interaction, drama, and cases, but I recognize that the author can only have the energy to write so much. For me, reading is the experience, and I definitely had a lot of fun with this one. If you like QT world hopping, escape games, scenarios, this one is for you! In chinese this kind of novel is called a 爽文 (shuang wen) which is a genre that makes the readers feel satisfied with badass main characters. <<less
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AnastasiaTh rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: c272
Uh... how to say it. When the time to say it's good, yeah it's good; and when the time to say it's not good, yeah it's not good. Do you get what I want to say, no?

For a mystery story lover like me, things are good since the mysteries are unpredictable even tho it's getting tiring since she was involved in cases like everytime she went to events or vacation. I bet this author have other stories with similar world and character building, in which one is good and the... more>> other is not.

Anyway, the world itself is interesting.


Like how she came to a parallel world of hers, living her other self who lives with different choice from her. Until now, I don't even know the reason why the criminal rate there was ridiculously high, well, yet. It's an interesting topic to explore tho.


And... since I am sucker for character building too. I feel bad to say their characterization is a mess, since the world building is that interesting!

I don't know if it's because I didn't catch them, maybe the story is lost in translation, I almost mtled everything, or I paid attention to the wrong place. In the end, only blurry images get through my head, ugh.


For example, our MC, Jian Jing is an aloof person, who dislike getting involved in other people business but she can be enthusiastic if cases mostly mu*ders happen. It looks solid right? But no, it's blurry.

I read up until she solved her creepy stalker, and yet I still found her aloof even when solving cases even tho it was described she actively trying to solve it. Why I said that? She treat everyone equally, which I mean friends and enemies both.

She is a bystander in that strange yet similar to her own world, since using detached a bit too much. Her editor or her boss, Kang Mu Cheng is much older than her, since I say it's blurry, I mean he looks like a love interest when he's actually not! I just recently found he was a father like figure to her, even tho I don't ship them but it's still dumbfounding. There was Jiang Bai Yan too, he looks like a love interest too. Well, my hunch says he's not, but it's not yet clear in the story. And that only leaves us with Ji Feng, IF ONLY Jian Jing treat him more than others! Ugh, so frustrating! Not that I ship them too, I tell you, I ship no one! There's no damning chemistry when its tag say it's a damn romance!

Let's talk about the dead actor who somehow became the prototype of character 'the killer' in her book, I forgot which one maybe rose gold? why I found him lingering in her mind like some f*cking first love? We know it's not, just impressive acting that touch her.

And Jiang BaiYan, I don't get a slight idea why Jiang Jing just let that man be after betraying her, I know maybe he was hypnotized but still... I lose my will to read due to it.


Everything is too sketchy that I feel like I'm going mad. I don't know if it's the author's intention to keep their characters blurry, since you know, mysteries. Or the author just to lazy doing more brainwork after those tiring mysteries.

Heck yeah, damn mysteries. <<less
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ayishaklamo rated it
September 11, 2023
Status: c205
I really like this one. I can see a fellow Detective Conan’s fan in the author lol

(The chapter I say I am reading is book chapters, not the one on online raw site)

... more>>

About Jiang Baiyan, from the review here, I will say that from the MTL, the female lead asked him to betray her to gain trust. That’s why they are still friends. He never betrayed her, not yet.

I have always had reservations about him, but I think at this point in time, he is still good. I’m not sure about the future. At this point in the story, we gave already dealt with the serial killer after our female lead after all, I am not sure who will replace him as the main villain. I have guesses, and it might be XiaoBai. I still have hope though. I hope he wins against whatever darkness in his heart is. Because I really like him as a character.

I also adore Ji Feng and Kang Munchan. They are charismatic and I find myself unable to determine which one would be her main love interest.

I love the way the author writes stuff. I don’t want to be shown everything too clearly. My language is also very close to Chinese, so maybe that’s why it is easy for me to read and understand it even in MTL. We have similar proverbs and everything.

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Worst Writing Desk
Worst Writing Desk rated it
September 3, 2023
Status: c62
I'm a real detective/thriller junkie, and this scratches that itch incredibly well.
If you like reading crimes/puzzles being unraveled, then this one is for you- the main character Jianjing is constantly ending up in new scenarios where she, with some help from others and the system, must discover the truth behind a crime and/or catch the culprit in time.
Love the variety in scenarios, puzzles, etc.

Even if it drops off and gets repetitive later, the beginning is very engaging!
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