The Misunderstood Villainess’s Country-Saving Chronicle: I Bought a S*ave and He Turned Out to Be the ‘Ice Prince’…


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Reite Hungaria, the Margrave’s daughter, is extremely wicked.

From her childhood, she made the pitiful orphans of her territory distribute bread (giving small change as a rich person’s appeal), mercilessly overworked the widows who lost their husbands in battles against monsters by making them maids (giving them annoyingly high salaries so they couldn’t rebel), and further, she gathered those who were out of work due to their rebellion and formed a band of warriors, showcasing her extreme wickedness.
She is indeed evil.

What happens when one day she buys a s*ave covered in burns—?

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極悪令嬢の勘違い救国記 ~奴隷買ったら『氷の王子様』だった……~
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