The Man Who Appears Once a Year


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At first sight, he was just a short, quiet figure, resembling a child with autism.

But then they met again.

It was at a lavish banquet.

The grand entrance swung open, accompanied by the resounding tap of a cane.

Everyone fell silent.

In the center of their gaze stood a man.

He wore a black suit, delicate gold-rimmed glasses, and held a valuable cane beneath his white gloves. His countenance exuded tranquility and authority, as if with a single gesture, he could make the entire room hold its breath.

The tapping cane stopped in front of Ruan Qiuping.

The man took off his gloves, and with his slightly cool fingertips, gently wiped away a stain from the corner of Ruan Qiuping’s lips.

In a low voice, he said, “Ruan Ruan, you promised to buy me candy.”

Every year, Yu Huan could see that man.

He appeared only once a year, but the exact day of his appearance remained unknown.

So Yu Huan prepared himself every day, presenting his best self.

He eagerly awaited his arrival.

Yu Huan: 365 days in a year, I see you for one day, and spend the other 364 days preparing to meet you.

Ruan Qiuping: Your one year is merely a day for me.


1v1 Happy Ending (HE)

Modern supernatural and cultivation system, with two deities

Non-typical, lighthearted development story

Yu Huan(God of Fortune) ,Ruan Qiuping(God of Misfortune)

Content Tags: Supernatural, Aristocratic Family, Immortal Cultivation, Urban Fantasy

Translator’s Comment: The story takes place in a modern city where urban life intertwines with cultivation. It tells a bittersweet love story between two male protagonists: one is an unfortunate deity who brings misfortune to others, while the other is a fortunate god who brings good luck. This captivating tale explores the realms of contemporary city living and the enchanting world of cultivation, painting a vivid picture of their slow-burning romance filled with both sweet and heartbreaking moments.

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The Man Who Appears Once a Year
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ntww12 rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I honestly would've given this a 5 but halfway through the story it just got too... messy and chaotic. The ending was also really bizarre. Officially I would say this is a 3.8-4 rating for me. Its not bad, has some great angsty scenes and the romance is great but the author could've expanded on some scenes better imo.

massive spoiler:
... more>>

I just found the things that happened after they returned to Heaven to be so chaotic. Like did the author insert scenes of Ruan Ruan "not" being in love with Yu Huan just so she can put in the part of him trying to unalive himself with the 49 thunder strikes? They got married, broke it off and then got married again and THEN Yu Huan dies. Like wtf? Why such ups and downs? For drama???

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