The Male Lead With A Split Personality Is Trying to Kill Me


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I possessed a dying wife of the male lead with a split personality. I couldn’t even run away because it happened on the day of the wedding.

But still, I comforted myself that as long I don’t run into Kid the Killer, I should be able to live somehow.

As if laughing at my thoughts,

Kid came to see me on the first night.

“Is that what they call pretending to be asleep? Your acting is pretty good. Now, if you don’t wake up in the count of three—”

“Eek, I’m awake!”

He said that if I wanted to live, I needed to seduce his other personality, the high priest “Seniel”. He said Seniel would keep me alive as long as I became his most prized thing and his weakness.

But once I’ve become his weakness, will he spare me? Kid said he would kill me in due course to step on Seniel.

In the end, it’s a matter of dying now or dying later.


In the morning, Seniel was in tears.

“It’s all my fault.”

I kind of comforted him in order to survive. The only way I could live was to pretend to get close to him and run away while he was off guard.

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The Two-Faced Male Lead is Trying to Kill Me
이중인격 남주가 나를 죽이려 한다
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Natayee rated it
November 3, 2022
Status: v1c9.2
So far, this one is quite captivating to me. I don't really love the premise at its core and think it's an unfortunate depiction of split personalities. The religious themes and dialogue are awful. Also, the names "Kid" and "Vivi" are laughable, and the translation could use some slight grammar tweaking. But my god-

The female lead. She's intelligent whilst being incredibly relatable.

... more>>

Off the bat she considers running away when she wakes up at the wedding, and prepares for an escape asap. When she can not leave immediately, she buys artifacts to try and protect herself and makes strategic decisions about how to survive Kid. Even when she is so scared she cannot move, she tries to deceive Kid and break out of essentially a trance. Kid notices her intellect and lack of surprise at him, which is why he lets her live. It is so refreshing to see a FL live by her own merits and not due to magic or her appearance/innocence. Her actions suggest she tries every action until she is forced into a corner, and even then she does what it takes to survive.


Male lead-


I find him boring and off-putting. It explicitly states that he is not good-enough of a person to kill himself to protect the world from Kid. Later it tries to elaborate on this, but it is s*upid. Also, he does not warn the FL at all because he is too awkward? I guess? Kid, his evil counterpart, threatens the FL with a knife and has killed a bunch of innocents? Huh? Weird to add, and I really hope he isn't going to be redeemed but I fear he might be. It would have been 100x cooler if he killed bad people exclusively.


As of right now, this is pretty good. The author did a good job with a yucky premise, and the female lead is great. I also like the OG FL who is

dressed as a man and also admires the FL. I appreciate the similarities between the two, and how both simply want to live.


I hope this ends up decently. As of right now, I like it a lot and recommend it. <<less
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rrsg76 rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: c2
As of 10 chapters, it's good. The FL is smart enough to think but also is realistically scared. I like how the author takes through her thinking step by step. Story seems good. Definitely interested to read more.
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astropia rated it
July 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Note: I read MTLed raws on Ridi, so I can't speak to the translation quality.

This was suuuuch a guilty pleasure for me. Seniel/Kid (ML) are so swoon-worthy that it overrides any complaints I have with the story. Kid is a romanticized version of a serial killer, so yeah the writing feels immature and unrealistic at times, but I wouldn't want to read a love story where I was worried the ML would actually hurt Vivi (FL). I love the dichotomy between Seniel, sweet and desperate for love but too guilty... more>> to pursue it, and Kid, impulsive and scary but lonely and oblivious to his own feelings. Seniel was just heart-wrenching and I wanted so badly for him to be happy.

I also like Vivi a lot- she's smart and practical, and often selfish, but it's understandable since she's literally scared for her life. She waffles a lot, which could be frustrating for some readers, but I found it sympathetic and relatable.

The way both personalities grow through the story is lovely. The major theme is about "good vs evil". It's not a deep message, but it concludes satisfactorily. Vague thematic spoilers:


Basically, it's not to just eradicate evil and leave only good. "Evil" is sometimes needed to balance out good and live a happy life. And people have elements of both inside them. Seniel obviously reflects this in his changing actions and how he learns to accept himself.


I thought Ronan/Ezette (OG FL) and Shanxi (OG 2nd ML I think?) also fit well into the story. Honestly, the original story sounded pretty interesting too. I'd love to read about Ezette's cross-dressing adventures. Spoilers for ch 22:


Props for the twist that Ronan was actually himself, not Ezette. I was honestly surprised, but looking back, it was foreshadowed well.


After the reveal, though, I mostly just felt bad for Ronan/Ezette constantly trying to help Vivi and getting nothing in return. That character got shafted hard. Shaanxi, on the other hand (ch 94 spoilers) :


His identity as Joel came out of nowhere. There was no reason to suspect him, and imo the hints about Joel such as the rose scent were only red herrings. I like it in theory, but the way it was written didn't make sense to me.


As for the ending:


It's possible I misunderstood the raws, but as I understand it, it's s*upid and dissatisfying. I don't understand why the story got messed up before Vivi even entered it. It attempts to be meta with Vivi meeting "god" and talking about the writer and readers' expectations, but it just feels like nonsense thrown in to retroactively justify twists like Shaanxi being evil.

And then Vivi literally becomes a Christ figure who died for 3 days and then get resurrected, complete with a heavenly light shining on her. Seniel already saw her as a god, was this really necessary? They turn her into a Mary Sue at the end. It would've been easy to just make her unconscious/near-death without the Christ tropes.

On the plus side, I prefer that Seniel created Kid as a suppression/coping mechanism instead of Kid being an experiment-induced side effect. It reinforces the good-evil theme, that Seniel can be happier learning to live with shades of grey, letting go of the pressure to constantly suppress his "evil" side.


If I was being reasonable, it should get 4 stars. But I love Seniel and Kid, and the epilogue is just unbearably sweet and adorable with all the romantic fluff. I'm so weak for the sweet but manipulative yandere type. I recommend it to anyone who likes clingy/yandere types. <<less
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