The Lord Is Hiding in the Room


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[Hey guys, I’ve seriously awakened this time.

So, I awakened as a summoner recently, and my summoned creature is an orc, you know? But this guy is ridiculously sturdy. Takes down dozens of goblins on his own, defeats trolls, and even knocks out ogres. But it doesn’t stop there. I took over a whole orc tribe, became the chief, and now I’m expanding my territory.

Already wiped out a few lizardmen strongholds nearby, and soon I’ll probably absorb another orc tribe. Oh, got another summon as a new addition. This time it’s a slime, and they say it’s an incredibly rare one. Abilities are top-notch, lol.] [Make some sense, will ya? What? The orc single-handedly taking down dozens of goblins and trolls?] [This guy’s aggro is insane. It’s not a one or two-time thing. Was a bit quiet lately, but sure enough, he’s back.] [Seems like he woke up in a dream. I had a dream yesterday where I awakened as a swordmaster and went around cutting down demon spawns.]


Taehyung scrolled down, reading all the comments, and nodded satisfactorily.

“Well done.”

This is the story of how a recently awakened hunter becomes a lord without leaving his room.

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방구석 대군주
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This is a novel about recluse that awakens the ability to form a link with creatures in other realms connected to earth.

The translation quality is superb and the summons are interesting.
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